Friday, April 29, 2011

Long Update...

Easter and Carson:
We'll start with Easter weekend. Saturday was awesome, we just spent time together as a family and I was trying to decide on a nice meal to have for the holiday, and we also purchased our new carpet and floors for the boys' rooms, kitchen and living room. Cory got started ripping up the kitchen floor that afternoon and we were well on our way to new floors!

On Easter morning we gave Carson his Easter basket (I sadly did not get any pics, my camera was in the car and Cory had already handed Carson his basket, so I didn't want to miss out on him discovering his goodies). My big plan for pictures was during his little egg hunt outside. But we never made it to that point, Carson started running a fever that afternoon, so we just focused on taking care of him.

I did get one phone pic of him eating some of his chocolate bunny:

I took him to the Dr. on Monday and his symptoms were a cough, cold and fever. They said his throat was red, but the strep test was negative. They sent us home saying it could be the start of the hand-foot-mouth virus. There is nothing you can do for that except give ibuprofen for the pain and fever.

On Wednesday he was still running a fever so I took him back and he was finally diagnosed correctly with a sinus infection. The poor thing could barely get 5 minutes of sleep at a time because he was coughing so much. So now he is on an antibiotic and they said I can give him benadryl to help with the cough while sleeping. I hope to see some improvement soon, this has been a tough week for us since no one is really getting any sleep. My mom came to town to help us with him and so we could get some more work done on the floors, it is very frustrating living in a house with half of the floor ripped up. But Cory is working as hard as he possibly can, and I am trying to help where I can but there is just not much a preggo can do when it comes to this type of stuff. But hopefully we can make some progress this weekend, and I will definitely appreciate these new floors much more after living like this for a week.

New Look:
I had my blog re-done, I am loving the new look!

I am now 24 weeks pregnant, which is so hard to believe. I was telling Cory the other day that its bizarre to think we will be in the 3rd trimester soon! He just looked at me with a "deer in the headlights" look.

I am so glad we started early on Colin's room b/c this pregnancy is going by very fast. The new carpet in the boys' rooms will be installed tomorrow!

We picked up the cradle last weekend and I bought some little cradle bedding for it. I also bought a moses basket stand for our bedroom. Carson did a lot of co-sleeping, and I will be fine with that for Colin as well, but I realize that each baby is different, so we will have the moses basket as a bassinet in our room if Colin wants to sleep by himself. I used it a little for Carson but didn't know that you could purchase a stand for it, so I was always moving it around trying to find the best/safe place for it, not this time!

Colin loves to tickle my uterus on the left side these weird. I don't know what he is doing but it is the funniest feeling and I laugh out loud. We can see him moving from the outside now which is fun, and Cory is always asking if he is awake so he can see/feel him.

I am not sure how much I weigh now, with Carson being sick this week, I haven't really thought to weigh myself.

Don't really have any cravings....I just like having food prepared for me, whether we dine out, or whether my mom makes a good home-cooked meal for us. I just have really not felt like cooking at all during this pregnancy.


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