Friday, April 1, 2011

20 weeks!

Yesterday marked the halfway point of my pregnancy!

At 20 weeks, here is what is going on:

Craving and loving my seafood! For my birthday dinner, I picked up some shrimp to boil and it was SO good! We had a work lunch a few weeks ago at Pappadeaux and another one yesterday at Atlantic Seafood Co. I would love to go to the beach soon and get some Gulf seafood, YUM! And as always, I could eat Japanese every day!

Every time Cory mentions chicken breasts for supper, I want to hurl. I like pork chops, but I am mostly wanting red meat these days.

Weight Gain:
+13 pounds

BOY! I can’t wait until the third trimester to get all of Carson’s baby stuff down to clean. Especially the tiny newborn clothes. I will probably cry thinking of Carson being so little once upon a time. Still no name. Just can’t agree on anything, so I am taking a break from searching.

I get winded pretty easily: The mornings are particularly tough on me, getting Carson fed, changed and presentable for school, while also trying to get myself somewhat presentable is such a task, it is very exhausting. He is an early riser, and there is no such thing as napping at work, so by the end of the work day I am DONE. Still have heartburn, and am sure it will only get worse.

Baby Movement:
He is finally making his presence known! At 18 weeks, I was still not feeling him everyday and got a little worried. But the day before our big ultrasound, he started getting busy. Now I feel him all the time! I have only been able to feel him on the outside of my tummy once, so we are still waiting for Cory to be able to feel him.

ALL maternity, it’s been that way for a while. I must say, I love maternity clothes, they are just so comfy! However, I haven’t been able to recycle everything from my 1st pregnancy. For some reason the first time around, I thought everything had to be loose fitting, so I have a bunch of moo-moo shirts and I hate them! So I have been updating my shirts a little bit here and there to feel a little more trendy. I love visiting Motherhood Maternity store on my lunch break!

Now that we are half way through this pregnancy and we know the baby is a boy, let the planning begin! I love having a checklist and I LOVE getting things accomplished. I want everything DONE by the time I am 30 weeks. Cory and I do everything ourselves, so we need to get things done before I get too big and uncomfortable (and useless!)

Next week:
Pick out fabric for mother- in- law to make diaper bag set.

  • Pick out cradle bedding and crib bedding/decor. I have decided to do all new bedding for this baby and keep the farm theme for Carson until he is old enough to pick a theme for his big boy room. I want to change as little as possible for him, his life will change enough! My friend is giving me her cradle which will serve as the baby bed in the nursery, mainly for naps during the day (the baby will be co-sleeping with us for most of the time any way so we don’t need the big crib until Carson is ready for his toddler bed. His farm stuff will fit the toddler bed we have)
  • Paint Nursery


  • Replace carpet and padding in Carson’s room and nursery. We are also putting tile in kitchen and carpet in the living room. Many people would advise to get hardwood floors, but after much discussion we have decided to go with carpet, it’s just more cozy in our opinions.
  • Move glider into nursery (we really don’t use this anymore with Carson), I want to get it out of his way where he has more room for playing with his toys in his room.

Cory will build a new dresser for Carson. We will move the baby dresser that he built and the changing table into nursery.

  • Get the final touches and decor set up in the nursery.
  • Get the baby gear and clothes down from the attic and clean it all. 
  • Purchase breast pump, sling/wrap, and other small necessities/toiletries.
  • Take hospital tour (we will be delivering at a different hospital this go round, the one with the lowest c-section rate…YAY!)


Oh yeah! ONE more thing….NAME THIS BABY! We just can’t agree on anything right now. L

AND….the BELLY. Here I am Large and In Charge!

Stay big baby will be 20 months tomorrow, I will post all of cute Carson-isms next week! I hope to take some good pics of him this weekend outside to post..wish me luck!


Candace said...

I love hearing about your baby planning! I also agree with you on carpet. We have hardwood, and carpet is just more "play in the floor" comfy/cozy!

Rebecca said...

I didn't know you switched hospitals...can't wait to see all your remodels in your house!

Suzy said...

Looking good Momma! I too loved Motherhood Maternity, I couldnt get enough of that place!