Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or Treat?

Carson got a TREAT! I made a Halloween cake the other night for fun. I can't wait until he is old enough to get excited for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas...I am so ready to do fun crafts, baking, and share traditions with him during the Holidays.

He certainly enjoyed his cake, down to the last lick!

Cake from Kimberly Phillips on Vimeo.

Siblings, pregnancy, etc...

I haven't blogged in a while b/c life has been a little uneventful, which is fine by me :) Anyway, I had a cute Halloween post to do, but I left my USB cord at home, so it will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow. :(
But dang it, I WANT to blog today, its been too long!

During my blog reading today I saw a post by my good friend Janie about the ups and downs of pregnancy. And it got me thinking about my next pregnancy. It seems that everyone around me is pregnant or planning for a pregnancy. Truth be told, I want a another baby very soon! :) Cory and I both thought we would try for another when Carson turned 1 year old, but it just wasn't the right time for us, we wanted to achieve a few more financial goals, and I just felt like Carson was still such a baby to me and I just wasn't ready to make him share my attention. Now that he will be 15 months soon and is acting more like a toddler than a baby these days (there are tantrums to prove it), I am very open to the idea of giving him a sibling soon. I feel like he is ready and we are ready. And THAT is the only thing that matters. I was talking to my SIL the other day about how people like to tell you when the best time is for you to have your children. And I remembered all of the comments when we were first pregnant with Carson, people said "but you just got married" and then when Carson was here I had mentioned trying for another baby when he was around a year old..and the comment was "that soon?". Then just the other day I mentioned being ready for baby #2 and to give Carson a sibling and someone told me that I needed to get one out of diapers before I had another one. Well....changing diapers doesn't really bother me, its part of taking care of my baby, and that is not something that will dictate when I bring another child into this world. Cory and I want our children close in age. I want them to have what I didn't have (a friend and a sibling in one package), to have each others' back when Mom and Dad aren't around, to help each other with school stuff, to play with and teach each other things, share clothes, tell secrets, and confide in one another. My sister is 9 years older than me and my brother is 5 years older. Now, don't get me wrong - we all love each other very much, but growing up I felt like they hated me, and I was always in the way.

Anyway, back to the whole reason I was writing this Janie's post she talked about how she wasn't one of those women who just adored being pregnant...I wasn't either...I constantly complained about strangers hurting my feelings, about heartburn, gaining weight, being tired, and so many other things. I often want to delete my "baby Carson" blog, b/c it seems SO negative. But really and truly, there were so many moments that I loved when I was pregnant and looking back, I regret taking it for granted. With any future pregnancies I hope to just revel in the excitement, to be proud of my huge belly, and to be thankful for what a blessing it is to be a woman and be able to do such a marvelous thing. Now that I have done it, I know that there is nothing more beautiful than carrying my baby. My next pregnancy will not be wished to fly by, nor overshadowed by will be simply beautiful.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Days....

We had a wonderful "Fall Day" today...except for the 80 degree weather of course. We took Carson to the pumpkin patch and then to the Fair, we had such a great time, I wish every weekend could be as eventful!

He thought the pumpkins were giant balls, he also tried to pick up the big ones, and grunted since they were so heavy!

He picked out a pumpkin just his size.

After the Pumpkin patch, we headed home to wait for the weather to get a little cooler, then around 6, we went to the soon as we entered the gate someone gave Carson a balloon, which was his favorite thing of the entire night.

He thought the ponies were doggies, he was barking at first, but then I asked him "What does the horse say" and then he made the correct sound.

At the petting zoo, we saw ponies, a turkey, llamas, an emu, little goats, kangaroos, and a camel. 

I love all of the colors and lights at the fair.

The only ride Carson could participate in was the carousel, he loved it! It didn't matter that he couldn't ride much though - he was so mesmerized by the people and the lights, that he didn't complain until about 9pm when we were about to head home anyway.

After all of the sightseeing we worked up an appetite, so Cory was set on having his Turkey leg, and I had a corn dog and nachos, and we all shared a funnel cake...yumo! Carson loved all the food as usual!

And it's not surprising he fell asleep within minutes on the ride home!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

School Picture Day

I love Picture Day at Daycare, any excuse to dress Carson up is alright with me! Doesn't he look handsome!

Carson is 14 months old.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I often think about how motherhood changed me. Every time I have lunch with my friend Cyndee, she tells me how I have changed so much, and it is so true, being a mother brings out the best in most women. Becoming a mother made me selfless, and soft-hearted, I am such a marshmellow now....As a softie, I can literally just think of the day my son puts on his 1st T-ball uniform, goes to his 1st school dance, drives a car, or his Wedding Day and I could easily cry. I used to be afraid of getting old, but if it means I get to watch my baby grow, I will happily take the wrinkles.

My friend Janie had a baby a few months ago and one of the 1st things she said to me when I held her sweet baby girl, was simply "Motherhood...there is just no way to describe it." To me, Motherhood simply means to live completely for another human being and love every minute of it, sure it can be hard, but man does it pay off EVERY SINGLE day. I have bad days at work, and then when I arrive at daycare and see that face, it's like Christmas morning on steroids..and all the crap just goes away. I now am able to live in the moment and appreciate each new day where my son dances for joy when he hears music, claps for me when I sing to him, backs his booty into my lap with a book to read, and snuggles up to me when he is sleepy. I would never be able to count all the heart melting moments even if I tried.

My days are filled with food on the floor, stepping on leaves to hear the "crunch", opening and closing the mailbox 20 times, making animal sounds, and singing dinosaur train songs....and life has never been better!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting Ready for Halloween, and Weekend Recap

I have been so excited to put Carson in his Halloween clothes, they are just too cute for words! 

  • We had a great weekend, we stayed home and relaxed Friday night. 
  • Saturday, Carson and I did some early morning shopping for him, I bought him some Nike shoes and some Sketchers at Rackroom (they were having a sale - by one get one 1/2 price). Then I got some stuff from Kid to Kid Consignment (2 pairs of long sleeve pj's, and 3 pairs of 12 month pants, he just isn't ready for 18 month pants as you can see in the pic above...I got all that for $18, love consignment!). 
  • Saturday night we watched football with some friends and ate some very yummy food!
  • We got the home appraisal back and it was about what we expected, now we are just deciding whether or not to market our house. We are in contact with my cousin, our Real Estate agent, and getting her opinion. 
  • Carson turned 14 months on the 2nd....time is flying, and he is learning so much all the time. He can now slap my hand to "give me five", he takes our hands and leads us to things he wants or to what he wants to do, he is doing well sleeping in his bed the entire night, he is so cute doing his baby sign language, he is in a size 4 shoe now and can fit into some 18 month pj's. He also got a top front tooth and the other one looks like it is on its way as well!
  • Sunday, we had another low key day. It was my day to sleep in (Cory sleeps in on Saturdays), we watched TV and ate leftovers (I forgot to start the crock pot roast I was planning for...ughhh), we went for a walk around the neighborhood, then played outside with Carson..the weather was just perfect!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!