Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I saw this assignment on my friend Alison’s blog and thought it might be good for me to do.

Perspective: The way you view the people, places, things, or events in your life.

Activating Activity: Quickly, list the top 10 things you are thankful for.

1) my sweet husband
2) my precious Carson
3) God
4) amazing team at work
5) a cozy home
6) having a good job
7) sweet doggies
8) the internet
9) DVR
10) The Holiday Season

Discussion: There is NO one on earth who lives a life without pain, sorrow, or some type of negative things in their lives. The above list is filled with things that it is easy to be thankful for. There are other things in our lives that we must deal with pain, sorrow, grief, personal growth, sickness, loneliness and many more! However, the way in which we deal with this problems (problem solving) and to what degree these things affect our lives, depends very much on our perspective of these things.

Activity: MARK OUT YOUR TOP TEN LIST. It is easy to be thankful for those things. Lets see how you do being thankful for things that are not so easy...List the top 5 negative things in YOUR life - right now.

1) Leaving my baby at daycare
2) the way pregnancy left my body
3) being so tired
4) worry
5) Anger

Challenge: We are going to practice changing our perspective. For each negative thing you listed above complete the following sentence...I am thankful for (the negative thing),because (give a reason.)

1) I am thankful for Leaving my baby at daycare b/c it means that I have found a daycare with caregivers that I like and trust.
2) I am thankful for the way pregnancy left my body b/c it reminds me of those 9 months that I got to have Carson with me 24/7 and that I am thankful that I was given Carson and that I get to be his mommy, some people don’t get to experience being a parent.
3) I am thankful for being so tired because I have a beautiful, sweet, healthy baby who needs to eat in the middle of the night (and I am thankful that he eats WELL now that we have his reflux pain under control) and who drops his passy a few other times at night) also and I have a good job to go to early in the mornings with a team that needs me to be prompt b/c they depend on me.
4) I am thankful for worry (I worry all the time about every little thing, but that just means I CARE)
5) I am thankful for Anger - I am able to be openly mad/upset about things that bother me, and then move on after my ranting.

Thanks Alison for giving me PERSPECTIVE.

Positive Post :)

So, when I am reading other blogs, I see my recent post and I am tired of seeing the "angry post", so........Here are a few good things:

I have the cutest little new niece that I can't wait to see again (Zoe Jane, some of her pictures favor Carson when he was that tiny, and it takes me back to that blissful time when he 1st arrived)

Carson is doing great in daycare (knock on wood), and yes it has gotten easier as time goes by.

Work is very busy, which means there is a good commission around the corner (we could really use it right now w/ the added baby expenses)

I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home today, since I am exhausted.

Finally, Thanksgiving is next week and I love it b/c that is usually the only time my family is all together, Christmas is very hard to accomplish that. I am thankful to them for being so flexible - it really relieves a lot of stress on us that we won't have to spend 2 weekends in a row on the road, they are coming to GA this year. Thanks mom, dad, Craig, Gin, and Alivia for coming over, and thanks Caroline, Scott and Andrew for hosting! Can't wait to see everyone and get a picture of the 3 grandkids for the 1st time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome Zoe Jane!

Rebecca and Zac finally have their sweet baby girl! She arrived today around lunchtime and everyone is doing well. She is so precious!

Friday, November 13, 2009


1st week of daycare and he already has a cold. I noticed some coughing yesterday, and last night the congestion started, poor thing can barely breathe. He was smiling this morning so hopefully he won't run a fever and get really sick. I am trying my best to not call, I know they are tired of me calling everyday.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Words cannot describe how tired I am. The newness of being back to work has worn off, and now I am feeling the exhaustion. My back hurts too, maybe because Carson weighs over 15lbs now! I can't believe it still.

He is doing very well in daycare. He is always very tired when he comes home, maybe its the new stimulation or the fact that he probably cries a bit more during the day since he isn't the only baby to tend to, I don't like thinking about that, but there is nothing I can do. I just hold him A LOT when I get home and spoil him there since he doesn't get to be spoiled during the day.

Here are the stupid GA State Rules I was talking about in my previous post:

-They cannot use the passy clips
-They cannot leave him in the swing or bouncy if he falls asleep
-Bottles must be dated each day (I understand having his name on it, but geeze I am not going to send an expired bottle for my baby)
-They can only put a bib on him while he eats, then it must be removed (Carson spits up a lot, so he goes through 3 outfits each day)
-They can only administer medicine at 10:30 or 2:30 (Zantac is just every 12 hours, and I don’t wake him to give it to him so it won’t be at the exact same time every day)
-Each individual diaper is labeled (the teachers do this)

I am sure all of these rules are for the safety of my child, but man I feel bad for the teachers, nothing is made easy for them. Taking care of an infant is hard enough.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow; its Carson's first day of daycare with no turning back...I can't go back and get him if they call me if he is having a bad day like last time we tried out another daycare. But hopefully this daycare will listen to me better and I will do a better job of being clear about his eating schedule.

A few people in my life have been making comments about Carson having a temper and its starting to get on my nerves, but honestly I think that is just his way of cummunicating, instead of crying, he grunts and groans and arches his back if he doesn't like the position he's in, or doesn't want the bottle taken away, know - what baby is happy all the time? NONE. All babies get upset, all babies cry, all babies pitch fits, babies can't talk, crying and grunting and groaning are ways that my baby tells me something is wrong or he's not comfortable. I am hoping that the teachers at daycare take this stuff as signs of discomfort and try to help him rather than ignore him b/c they think he has a "temper".

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am SO in love with ELMO stuff for Carson. I didn't think I would like Sesame Street for him before he arrived (thought it was cliche') but when I had it on the TV while I was trying to get some work done, he started cooing at the TV. So I payed attention and I love that show and so does Carson, I especially love the segment on Elmo's world and Murray Had a Little Lamb (the lamb speaks Spanish, its hilarious). However, if there are any family members reading, a good Christmas gift for him would be anything having to do with Elmo.

And to think I got SO mad at the ELMO towel he is wearing in that pic, I almost threw it away! I was washing clothes for him before he was born, and I wasn't thinking and this towel got washed with most of his other clothes, and there was red fuzz on everything! Very annoying. I had pregnancy brain then....but let me tell you - mommy brain is much worse. At work the other day I went into the kitchen to get a coke out of the vending machine, instead I got cheese-its and opened the bag and ate one before I realized what I actually went in there

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lord Have Mercy...

Baby's got her blue jeans on! (George Strait: if you don't know that song, you should be ashamed)

However, I am so excited...I put on a REGULAR (not maternity) pair of blue jeans today. It is crazy what this pregnancy did to my body, my hips are bigger and I still have a belly so its been hard to squeeze in, but I managed to this morning for casual Friday, oh how I have missed casual Friday. And maternity jeans aren't that flattering in the butt area!

Another thing that has happened thanks to Carson is bigger feet. Now you can imagine it is very expensive to restock all of your shoes, but I am trying little by little. I went to TJ Max today over lunch to see if they had any Vera Bradley stuff thanks to Becca the bad influence and sadly they didn't. :(

However, I did find some New Balances for $34, and they are SO comfy, my poor feet have blisters and in-grown toenails on almost every toe from wearing heels that are too small for the past 2 weeks.

Word of Advice to Moms to be and new Moms (and I will be doing this for my 2nd baby): TJ Max has SO much cute baby stuff, or at least the ones in GA do. I couldn't believe everything I saw: blankets, clothes, shoes, books, toys, bedding, moses basket, pack n plays, you name it!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Honest Scrap

Thank You Candace @ The Strickland Family for my very first award! goes!

Here are the rules for the award:

1)You must thank the person who gave the award and list their blog and link it.

2) You must share "10 Honest Things" about yourself.

3) You have to present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.

4) Last, you must tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

10 Honest Things About Me

1. My favorite time of day is around 5AM – Cory brings Carson to bed with me to snuggle for a little while.
2. I LOVE accessories, you will hardly ever catch me without earrings and a cute purse.
3. I love the smell of Cory’s skin and the way he looks in blue jeans…it’s a rare treat to see him in regular clothes since he wears a uniform for work.
4. I love watching sesame street with Carson, now I want EVERYTHING Elmo for him.
5. I would be just fine if Target was the last store on earth, I could spend a fortune in there.
6. I have a secret dream of being on Dancing with the Stars.
7. I love RAP music…makes me want to go to the club and dance with my man.
8. I could fold baby laundry and wash bottles ALL DAY, I love it.
9. It would be a dream come true if I could work 8-4 and skip the rush hour traffic.
10. I want to make more of an effort to use this blog, MY BLOG as an honest outlet for me to: not only share about happy times in life, but to also vent, complain, share random thoughts, and make points about things that I think are important and not just another place to post pictures. I read other blogs that are so interesting b/c they tell it like it is, so…from now on - if you don’t like it, don’t read it!

You've been awarded!

Alison @ Living for Him
Caroline @ The Garner Family
Crystal @ The Rasco Bunch

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3 months

Now that I am back at work, I have been blog reading more. I love reading about Addison's growth (The Strickland Family blog) and I got to thinking...I need to document more about Carson.

He turned 3 months old yesterday! I think he is finally getting on a routine, just in time for daycare.

-He seems to want his 1st bottle of the day around 8 or 8:30, which helps me know what time to get him to daycare (don't want him starving on the way and was worried about this). From then on he eats every 4 hours unless his nap runs over. Question for moms - do you wake your babies from naps to feed them, I never have..but was wondering if it helps keep them on a schedule or if it makes them mad??????

-He goes to bed around 8 or 9; wakes for a feeding at 2:30. I put him in bed with me around 5, then he sleeps until 7:30 or so. He talks to me while I put my make-up on and watches Clifford. Then I go to work and Nana or Grandmother keep him, daycare starts next Monday.

-At 9AM he watches Sesame Street and laughs at cute, not sure why some people are Nazis about babies watching TV...uhmmm HELLO its good COLORFUL stimulation and is not hurting them.

-He LOVES to stand up on my lap, so we broke out the cute jumperoo, and he likes it, its so funny watching him bounce a bit-he doesn't quite know what to think, he is still a little young for it but we still do it since he likes to stand so much.

-We have been putting some cereal in his bottles to help with his reflux, and we still give him prune juice at 1 feeding to keep him from getting backed up.

-He kicks his covers off, and is too old to be swaddled so we are big fans of the sleep sacks now.

-He doesn't really enjoy his baths, but there isn't much we can do in that area except DO IT FAST.

-He holds his head up very well despite the lack of tummy time (I always forgot to do that and only thought about it after he ate, and he hated it anyway)

-He has had cradle cap for about a month now, and a lady at work shared with me to massage his hair with the baby brush while washing it and it will help...we'll see.

-He has been on Zantac for a month now and it has helped him SO much, thank goodness for internet so nervous moms can research. Last time I went to the ped., the Dr. we saw asked "what do you need me for, you've got it figured out"

-He is wearing 3 month clothes and has been since he was about 2 months. The 3-6 mo. are still a little long, poor thing he is destined to be short.

-He is SO happy in the mornings, he giggles and flirts and coos, it is SO nice to see him SO happy.

-He has learned how to blow bubbles, not sure if its on purpose.

I have a big list of items to purchase in the near future (I get SO excited to shop for baby stuff - I love it...can't wait to find out what Becca's baby is so I can shop for that one!)
1. High chair, gonna get one of those space saver ones, our house is small.
2. Bumbo seat
3. Some plush toys
4. Baby cereal, baby food, Dec. 2nd (4 mo. check up) Dr. will discuss feeding solids with me.
5. Kickin piano (pad that makes noise and lights up when baby kicks it), man does that baby kick!
6. Umbrella stroller, for shopping and walking, etc...I have a small car and can't take that big one if I want to use my trunk for something else.
7. Since both of our families live in AL, I need to get a large duffle bag for him, we had SO many small bags on his first trip for his stuff, SO annoying and I am not doing that again.