Friday, November 6, 2009

Lord Have Mercy...

Baby's got her blue jeans on! (George Strait: if you don't know that song, you should be ashamed)

However, I am so excited...I put on a REGULAR (not maternity) pair of blue jeans today. It is crazy what this pregnancy did to my body, my hips are bigger and I still have a belly so its been hard to squeeze in, but I managed to this morning for casual Friday, oh how I have missed casual Friday. And maternity jeans aren't that flattering in the butt area!

Another thing that has happened thanks to Carson is bigger feet. Now you can imagine it is very expensive to restock all of your shoes, but I am trying little by little. I went to TJ Max today over lunch to see if they had any Vera Bradley stuff thanks to Becca the bad influence and sadly they didn't. :(

However, I did find some New Balances for $34, and they are SO comfy, my poor feet have blisters and in-grown toenails on almost every toe from wearing heels that are too small for the past 2 weeks.

Word of Advice to Moms to be and new Moms (and I will be doing this for my 2nd baby): TJ Max has SO much cute baby stuff, or at least the ones in GA do. I couldn't believe everything I saw: blankets, clothes, shoes, books, toys, bedding, moses basket, pack n plays, you name it!

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From Marriage to Motherhood said...

I TJ Maxx. They do have cute stuff. I noticed you also live in GA : )