Thursday, August 2, 2012

Colin is 11 months!

Colin turned 11 months on July 18th! He is doing great; he is all over the place as usual! Such a funny and sweet little baby!

  • He loves Elmo, he hears the intro song and starts clapping and bouncing :)
  • He bounces when he hears any music actually.
  • His wave is hilarious, its more like he is raising his hand to ask a question, it also looks like he is in church raising his hand to say "Amen".
  • Has figured out how to pitch a major fit when he doesn't get his way.
  • He is showing some development of problem solving skills, and likes to figure things out.
  • He loves his bath time.
  • Likes to look at books.
  • He would much rather play with Carson's toys than any baby toys, the ball popper is his favorite; he also has started pushing around Carson's trucks and trains.
  • He has taken 3-4 steps at a time, so within a few weeks he will be a walker!
  • He now drinks whole milk instead of formula.
  • We turned his carseat around, and it really depends on the day if he likes it or not.
  • He really doesn't like baby food anymore, he just eats what we eat now, he can be picky at times.
  • He weighs 21 pounds - in 12 - 18 month clothing, size 4 diapers and size 3 shoe (he has really fat feet).
  • He now has a total of 6 teeth! Front 4 top ones and front 2 bottom ones. Rough month of sleep!
  • He loves to play wrestling with Daddy and Carson, he also loves for Carson to run from room to room and "scare" him.
  • He has started to point at things. He loves to point at the dogs, he laughs at them too.
  • He loves to play in the refrigerator and on the couch, and still loves the bathroom in general.
  • The boy climbs EVERYTHING, he is a little monkey!!!!!!!
  • He loves watching the baby/toddler music videos on YouTube, and if we put Baby Einstein on the TV he is glued!
  • He also got his first haircut this month, not a major change, we just cleaned up the edges so it wasn't so shaggy.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Colin 10 months and Big Brother update

Colin is 10 months old....I can't believe he will be ONE soon! I think we are gonna have a double party for him and Carson, of course Baseball themed.

There haven't really been a ton of changes since his 9 month post...but here is what he has been up to lately.
  • He will stand unassisted and now he claps while standing.
  • He can walk with just holding on with one hand.
  • He likes to walk in the walker, he was so proud of himself the first time.
  • He started making the clicking noise with his tongue and does this constantly when he is in a good mood.
  • He learned how to throw a ball and play catch.
  • He just started waving, so cute!
  • He loves the song "Elmo's world" he will just stare at us and smile when we sing it, he also loves his talking Elmo and laughs at it.
  • He loves to climb on things that he is able to get on. I got the play tunnel out, and he and Carson are having a blast with it.
  • He is really getting frustrated with the bucket car seat.
  • He MUST sample everything we eat OR ELSE.
  • I never mentioned this before, but he likes to prop his foot on his bottle while he is drinking it, so quirky.
  • He is so busy these days, it's hard to get good pics! Here are some recent ones....

Big Brother: Colin and Carson have so much fun together, if we say "Where's Carson?" Colin will find him immediately with his eyes. 

Carson is such a sweet big brother, he will bring Colin toys, sing to him, he gets so excited when Colin wakes up from naps, and last night while they were playing in Carson's room, Carson was reading books to him. 

Carson loves to feed Colin finger foods, this is a big help while we are in the grocery store! 

Carson has the sweetest spirit, he told me "Mommy, I love Colin, he's my brudder". 

This was the only way I could get a picture of them, I had to strap Colin down in his car!

Happy 10 months Colin!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Colin, 9 months

This has been a very exciting month for my baby boy! He is such a sweet baby, and I love him more and more every day!

He is crawling, cruising, standing alone for a few seconds, walking with assistance (he pushes his activity table around), trying table food and saying "mama" and "dada".....he is a very busy baby!

He is obsessed with playing in the bathroom, every time the door is open, there he goes. He stands at the tub and screams b/c he wants in, and if I close the door before he can go in there - he cries, he also does this if he can't go outside. Speaking of outside, he would stay out all day if he could.

He has started to do the baby bounce dance when he hears music or gets excited. I love this!

He holds his own bottle and feeds himself finger foods.

He loves playing peek-a-boo, especially with Carson. He and Carson also have screaming and laughing wars in the car, it is so funny and sweet. 

He has 2 teeth! He has one bottom front and one of his canines. The rest will be here soon, at his check up, the nurse said it looked like a lot of the front teeth were coming at the same time. 

He loves for us to pretend to chase him, he will take off crawling fast and giggle.

He started using a sippy cup and is doing well with it; I tried so many with Carson and it took him forever to understand that it was for drinking, and the Nuk brand worked so well for him so that is what I am using this time around too.

He went to a swimming pool for the first time and I knew he would love it, he adores bath time. He was so content in the water. I am loving the spray on sunscreen! Makes this so much easier with two busy boys!

Happy 9 months Colin!!!!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Colin is 8 months old!

My baby boy turned 8 months old on April 18th; this past month has been huge as far as firsts.

  • Colin is now pulling himself up from sitting to standing supported. He is constantly testing out everything he sees to see if he can use it to pull up.
  • He can go from laying down to sitting up all on his own. We have lowered his crib due to all the new developments.
  • He is clapping and doing all other sorts of copy-catting.
  • He started eating the puffs and can already feed those to himself. He loves them and when he chews them it looks like he has bubble gum. I also broke up some of the yogurt bites so he could eat those too, we ran out of them quickly b/c Carson loves them as well!
  • He is not crawling yet, but he really wants to and gets mad that he can't yet. He just rolls around the floor for mobility at the moment.
  • This baby is so hard to get clothes and diapers on, he will NOT be still! Wiggle.Worm.
  • He is now big enough to ride in the little red car, and he and Carson have a blast riding side by side (Carson drives his truck). He has ridden in the car for about a week now, and sitting down is old news to him, he now wants to ride standing up, we strap him in so he just halfway stands up. An 8 month old dare devil....I am gonna have my hands full with these two....
  • He loves playing outside, he is constantly trying to eat grass...he also loves to swing.
  • He tried the baby yogurt for the first time this month and loves it, I think it's his favorite food. He also really likes mangos, something Carson hated.
  • I was starting to get worried b/c he wasn't babbling very much, but he finally started to speak up :)
  • His hair is getting longer and it curls a little in the back, it has a golden blonde color to it.
  • He went to his first Braves baseball game this week, and he did pretty good. He even slept through a couple of innings.
  • He is still a big boy, he weighs over 19 pounds and is almost ready for some 12 month clothes. I just love his chubby legs and arms! We may have to get a new car seat for him sooner than I thought.
  • He is such a sweet baby, I just love spending every day with him and his brother.

Happy 8 months precious baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Hope everyone had a great Easter, we had such a fun weekend as a family!

Saturday, we met up with our friends and went to a local festival, they had an egg hunt for the little ones and many of our local restaurants were there offering cheap samples of there food, we had such a nice time.

Carson got to check out a Firetruck up close and personal.....

He also enjoyed all of the samples...especially the cupcakes!

Colin loves the balloons as usual!

After naps, we dyed Easter eggs with Carson, and he also got to paint some glitter one them.

The finished product...

After bedtime, the Easter Bunny came...

Carson got a new dinosaur, dinosaur gummies, candy, dino sunglasses, bubbles, chocolate/peanut butter bunny, a Braves pez dispenser, new books, and some glow-in-the-dark stars for his ceiling. I ran out of room in his bucket so I made a dinosaur nest for the dinosaur and his eggs full of candy.

Colin got a sippy cup, puffs (loves these!), spoons, baby yogurt (loves that too! and big brother always has to have some too), and a baby pool for the back yard (for both kids of course).

Here are some pics of my precious babies on Easter Sunday:

We also went to the zoo, Carson had an absolute BLAST!

Colin did so well the whole time, he loves being outside, he even slept for half of the time!