Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Hope everyone had a great Easter, we had such a fun weekend as a family!

Saturday, we met up with our friends and went to a local festival, they had an egg hunt for the little ones and many of our local restaurants were there offering cheap samples of there food, we had such a nice time.

Carson got to check out a Firetruck up close and personal.....

He also enjoyed all of the samples...especially the cupcakes!

Colin loves the balloons as usual!

After naps, we dyed Easter eggs with Carson, and he also got to paint some glitter one them.

The finished product...

After bedtime, the Easter Bunny came...

Carson got a new dinosaur, dinosaur gummies, candy, dino sunglasses, bubbles, chocolate/peanut butter bunny, a Braves pez dispenser, new books, and some glow-in-the-dark stars for his ceiling. I ran out of room in his bucket so I made a dinosaur nest for the dinosaur and his eggs full of candy.

Colin got a sippy cup, puffs (loves these!), spoons, baby yogurt (loves that too! and big brother always has to have some too), and a baby pool for the back yard (for both kids of course).

Here are some pics of my precious babies on Easter Sunday:

We also went to the zoo, Carson had an absolute BLAST!

Colin did so well the whole time, he loves being outside, he even slept for half of the time!

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