Monday, January 23, 2012


I love my boys.....

They have such a sweet relationship already....

The first thing Carson says every morning is "oh! I need to see Colin" and he showers him with tons of hugs and kisses.

This is just one of the most adorable pictures I have ever captured......

On nights when Colin needs a bath, I ask Carson if he wants to take a bath too, and he says no. But once I put Colin in the tub, Carson is right there begging to take a bath too! He loves to pour water on Colin.

Colin already thinks the world of Carson, he watches him constantly and is always smiling and laughing at him....

Friday, January 20, 2012

Colin, 5 months old

Sweet Colin is growing like a weed! He has changed so much in the past month, and it is going by too quickly.

Here is what he is up to lately:

  • He is loving his exersaucer that he got from Santa (I have not even had time to do a Christmas post, but I will get that up at some point, even though it is super late!)
  • He loves his big brother, his eyes follow Carson all over the room.
  • He is super close to rolling over on his belly.
  • He is really babbling and experimenting with new sounds, and he loves to stick his tongue out.
  • He is not an independent sleeper anymore....I have just decided I am doomed in this area of raising kids! My kids love sleeping with us. I don't fight it anymore, I would just rather get some sleep no matter who I am sleeping beside! So I am gonna start saving up for a King size bed. :)
  • He is so ticklish everywhere!
  • He loves his showers with Mommy and Daddy and Carson.
  • We still swaddle him, but he is starting to get out more and more.
  • He slobbers constantly, and chews on everything he can get his hands on.
  • He grabs whatever is in front of him now, we really have to watch him!
  • He is drinking about 6-7 oz every 3-4 hours, and we started to introduce some cereal and oatmeal, but he gags and cries most of the time, so we aren't pushing it. I just give it a try almost every evening, and when he gets upset I just stop. This is very different than Carson, I remember it being much easier with him.
  • He is still in a size 2 diaper, but we bought some size 3's b/c its time to move up as soon as we finish the last pack of 2's.
  • He wears size 6 months clothes, there are just a couple of 3-6 months outfits he can still wear, but not for long.
  • They are putting him in the jumperoo at daycare and he is loving it!
  • His hair is getting thicker and lightening up.
  • He still sleeps a lot in the swing, we are wearing that thing out this go-round! 
  • He loves to play with his feet, pretty sure those are his favorite toys. He also is really liking the little fish aquarium in his crib.
  • He is constantly kicking his feet.
  • He can pass objects from hand to hand. And he is very aggressive grabbing his passy and bottle.
  • He weighs almost 16 pounds.
  • He is starting to pinch and grab hair. If you get your face close enough to him he HAS to grab it.
  • He has the sweetest little quirks: when he drinks his bottle his likes to rest his hands on his nose/between his eyes. When he is being rocked to sleep he wants to be holding a blanky to his cheek.

He has started to notice the dogs, and he follows them with his eyes.

First time to try solids, it was a family affair; I was feeding him, Daddy was taking pics and Carson was cheering him on. I let Carson try Colin's oatmeal and he gagged  b/c it tasted so bad to him.

He likes the bumbo ok, but he doesn't stay there long before he gets uncomfortable.

Such a cutie, I love his little dimples!

Happy five months Colin!!!!!!!!!!! We love you!