Monday, June 22, 2009

The latest.....

33 weeks and 2 days:

New symptoms include:

joints in my fingers really hurting
some cramps
harder to get up
walking around for a while is very hard on my feet
swelling of hands and feet
skin on my belly is numb in spots...have not seen any of that in the books so not sure if its normal
exhaustion...just looking at the dishes or laundry is exhausting

Recently we have been preparing for Carson's arrival. We have attended 2 of the 3 baby classes that we signed up for. The last one is next week.

We also bought a few items that I don't expect to get at baby showers (such as mattress, mylicon, safety kit, diaper pail, etc...)

Also, I know its early, but I am excited, impatient and just like to be prepared: I have begun to pack for our stay at the hospital. I don't like to wait until the last minute. For example we had the nursery done months ago...good thing b/c I am so big already I just don't think I would have enough energy to be putting a nursery together. I washed the baby clothes (newborn - 3 months), blankets, bibs, etc... I still have 2 more baby showers so I wanted to get a head start. Cory loves the smell of the clean baby clothes. :)

We went to Home Depot over the weekend and I encountered yet another rude stranger. The cashier asked me what month I was in and when I told her she stared at my belly then asked if I was having a boy. She said she is 5 months along and is barely showing, that she didn't think she would get as big as me. All I said was "it must be nice." What is interesting to me is that she wasn't a skinny person and that is probaby why you couldn't tell she was pregnant, and why would a pregnant woman say something like that, she knows how hard it is to be pregnant w/ out people hurting your feelings. Also, I like going to the baby classes b/c I get to see other pregnant women who are as far along as I am, and I think I look pretty proportional to them. I do notice that the women who carry girls seem to be smaller than those carrying boys. However here is a recent picture of my hugeness: