Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Carson has a......

Little Brother!

We had an ultrasound this morning and our new little baby is looking great! I can't believe we will have another sweet baby boy here in a matter of months! I can't wait to see Carson hug and kiss his little brother!

I joked with Cory that we just saved a TON of money :) But in all seriousness, we are thrilled to have a healthy baby boy on the way and can't wait to have him in our arms!

We are still deciding on his name. I think we will have a decision very soon. :)

Until then here are a couple of pics!

Here's the money shot:

And his sweet little face:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here are some pictures of my cutie from this morning, it is also picture day at school. He looks so handsome dressed up!

He loves to play peek-a-boo behind the curtains.

Just being goofy....

Here is one of the videos I mentioned yesterday. I have started to teach him the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider, and it is the cutest thing every time he tries to do it. He is starting to get a little shy if other people are around, he will do a couple of the motions then run away...so funny!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

18 Weeks!

  • Can you believe I already feel like I am carrying a bowling ball between my legs! So strange to experience this so early, I talked to my Dr. about it and she said its fine, many things happen earlier in the second pregnancy. Its pretty bad when I stand up after sitting or laying down for a while.
  • I am having very vivid and strange dreams, I remember them right when I wake up, but forget them 5 minutes later. 
  • I have been really thirsty lately.
  • Got my first leg cramp the other day :(
Weight gain:
+9 pounds, Mama is eating well :)

Dr. Apt:
I have an ultrasound on Tuesday! And we will (hopefully) know the gender!

Best moment of the week:
By far the prenatal massage!

Still pretty random, I don't feel him/her everyday. :(

I am very excited to pick up my book from the library today. Its Ina May's guide to Childbirth.  You'll know who Ina May is if you have ever seen the Business of Being Born documentary. I read some clips from this book and her breastfeeding book on Amazon, and found it extremely helpful; her breastfeeding book is next on my list.

People have been asking me to compare Carson's pregnancy to this one, and as far as symptoms go its about the same. As far as my attitude goes, its night and day. With my 1st pregnancy, I was spoiled and it was all about me. I was always moody b/c I could be. But now I have a son who deserves a happy and fun Mama, and I have realized that my positive attitude toward this pregnancy makes it so much easier. Everyone told me I would enjoy the 2nd pregnancy so much more and for me they were right. I am so much happier and feel so much more confident. It took having Carson here on earth to realize what a beautiful miracle and privilege it was to be able to carry a baby. (Anyone who would have told me that statement 2 years ago would have gotten the finger) :) What can I say...being a mother has changed me for the better!

Belly Pic:
I definitely see a change, I look thicker this week!

Stay tuned....I have some cute videos of my big baby to upload soon!

Monday, March 14, 2011

What we did this weekend...

  • My day out on Saturday was wonderful! I got a long overdue haircut and I enjoyed my spa visit very much. I also treated myself to a new Vera Bradley!

  • Carson and Cory napped in the recliner, ate jelly beans and played in the mud while I was gone...no surprises there :)
  • Saturday night we went to eat Japanese, Carson really enjoyed the chef's tricks this time, the last few times he was a bit scared, but he's fine with it now.
  • Sunday was a lazy day as usual, we slept in, played outside, and did some grocery shopping.
  • The time change really threw Carson off, he wasn't really sleepy until 9PM! We ended up just putting him in bed with us and he eventually got the point. Hopefully tonight will be better.
  • This week is going to be the longest ever! We find out the gender of the baby next Tuesday! I am so ready to just KNOW! I really don't care either way; I have loved every second of having a baby boy and would love to have another, and I would also welcome the new adventure that a baby girl would bring. I just can't wait much longer! Must plan and nest!
  • Carson has picture day at "school" this Thursday! I love having a reason to dress him up. And his pictures always turn out SO cute, I can't wait to see how they turn out this time!
Have a good week everyone!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday!

Mine certainly is! I can't believe I am 17 weeks pregnant as of yesterday :) I am feeling more and more movement from the baby and in about a week (March 22nd) Cory and I will know if this baby is a boy or a girl! I am trying to think of a cute way to announce it to family and friends. Any ideas? I also want to have names picked out for when we announce the gender so I can introduce the baby by name.

Anywho....I am so excited for tomorrow. I have a much needed and well deserved Mama's day out. I am getting  my hair done, getting a massage, and a pedicure! I can't wait!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Monday, March 7, 2011

16 weeks

As of last Thursday, I was16 weeks!

My symptoms are really not that bad, I got rid of mountain dew :( I figured the citrus flavor was not helping my heartburn and I have switched to Gingerale instead of sprite and noticed a huge difference. I still take my Zantac every night just in case :)

I have also been able to stay up a little later at night and had more energy, which is helping the headaches, I think I was getting too much sleep, if there is a such thing! I watched the Social Network this weekend, and I loved it! I also took Carson to Monkey Joe's for the 1st time, and needless to say he had a blast!

I am finally out of the hibernating phase, all I want to do is get out of the house and when I am home, I am cleaning it! Yesterday, my sweet husband didn't complain one bit when I asked him to rearrange the bedroom simply b/c I found a lovely wall hanging to go above the bed, but the bed and dresser needed to be moved in order for it to look right. :) I love rearranging, it just makes everything feel so new and clean. We also swept the floors, vacuumed and did some much needed dusting, Carson was so interested in what we were doing all afternoon, he doesn't see us cleaning that often! He doesn't care for the vacuum, he is constantly saying "all done" wanting us to put it away. :)

With all of this nesting I am DYING to know what this baby is (will know in 2 weeks)! I am so ready to prepare the nursery, etc...Cory still thinks its a boy, I am just so unsure, the chinese lunar calendar said GIRL. Also, I ate at PF Chang's with some friends a couple of weeks ago and this was my fortune...



I have a girl name that I really really love, and Cory and I don't agree on any boy names, so it will probably be a boy :)

Weight Gain:
I have gained a total of 8 pounds so far, I am happy with that, I gained 10 during the 1st trimester with Carson. I worried about my weight the entire pregnancy with Carson, but this time it doesn't bother me, I am eating what I want when I want! And today..this is what I wanted - tuna sandwich, pickle, macaroni salad and fruit! I love Fancy Pantry!

I am still feeling random alien movements, I can't wait for Cory to be able to feel  and see the baby move. We always loved laying in bed watching Carson do his tricks!

Dr. Apt.:
Heart rate was 141, everything else looked good as well!

Belly Pic:

Here is a recap up until now...

10 weeks:

12 weeks:

14 weeks:

16 weeks: 
I don't see much of a change from 14 weeks. I think there is a big growth spurt coming according to babycenter, and 18 weeks seems to be when I remember having the basketball belly for the 1st time with Carson.
This is what Carson is usually doing in the mornings while I am getting ready...digging in the bathroom drawers. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

French Fry

I never thought that "French Fry" could sound so sweet.......

He is such a character.

He always shares his food. :)

This pic is just before we left for daycare the other day, he just looked like such a little boy instead of a baby, I had to take a pic. He is so little, I got some of his 12 month shirts and shorts that were a tad big on him last year, and they fit like a glove this year. Isn't he handsome!