Wednesday, March 16, 2011

18 Weeks!

  • Can you believe I already feel like I am carrying a bowling ball between my legs! So strange to experience this so early, I talked to my Dr. about it and she said its fine, many things happen earlier in the second pregnancy. Its pretty bad when I stand up after sitting or laying down for a while.
  • I am having very vivid and strange dreams, I remember them right when I wake up, but forget them 5 minutes later. 
  • I have been really thirsty lately.
  • Got my first leg cramp the other day :(
Weight gain:
+9 pounds, Mama is eating well :)

Dr. Apt:
I have an ultrasound on Tuesday! And we will (hopefully) know the gender!

Best moment of the week:
By far the prenatal massage!

Still pretty random, I don't feel him/her everyday. :(

I am very excited to pick up my book from the library today. Its Ina May's guide to Childbirth.  You'll know who Ina May is if you have ever seen the Business of Being Born documentary. I read some clips from this book and her breastfeeding book on Amazon, and found it extremely helpful; her breastfeeding book is next on my list.

People have been asking me to compare Carson's pregnancy to this one, and as far as symptoms go its about the same. As far as my attitude goes, its night and day. With my 1st pregnancy, I was spoiled and it was all about me. I was always moody b/c I could be. But now I have a son who deserves a happy and fun Mama, and I have realized that my positive attitude toward this pregnancy makes it so much easier. Everyone told me I would enjoy the 2nd pregnancy so much more and for me they were right. I am so much happier and feel so much more confident. It took having Carson here on earth to realize what a beautiful miracle and privilege it was to be able to carry a baby. (Anyone who would have told me that statement 2 years ago would have gotten the finger) :) What can I say...being a mother has changed me for the better!

Belly Pic:
I definitely see a change, I look thicker this week!

Stay tuned....I have some cute videos of my big baby to upload soon!


Courtney said...

Me too!! (the bowling ball so weird)

Love the pregnancy updates and your beautiful attitude.

Love ina may's book!! also check out the new edition of the birth partner by penny simkin too...wonderful.

Rebecca said...

I am having crazy, vivid dreams, too. to the point that I question later if they really happened or not. That is so funny!