Monday, March 7, 2011

16 weeks

As of last Thursday, I was16 weeks!

My symptoms are really not that bad, I got rid of mountain dew :( I figured the citrus flavor was not helping my heartburn and I have switched to Gingerale instead of sprite and noticed a huge difference. I still take my Zantac every night just in case :)

I have also been able to stay up a little later at night and had more energy, which is helping the headaches, I think I was getting too much sleep, if there is a such thing! I watched the Social Network this weekend, and I loved it! I also took Carson to Monkey Joe's for the 1st time, and needless to say he had a blast!

I am finally out of the hibernating phase, all I want to do is get out of the house and when I am home, I am cleaning it! Yesterday, my sweet husband didn't complain one bit when I asked him to rearrange the bedroom simply b/c I found a lovely wall hanging to go above the bed, but the bed and dresser needed to be moved in order for it to look right. :) I love rearranging, it just makes everything feel so new and clean. We also swept the floors, vacuumed and did some much needed dusting, Carson was so interested in what we were doing all afternoon, he doesn't see us cleaning that often! He doesn't care for the vacuum, he is constantly saying "all done" wanting us to put it away. :)

With all of this nesting I am DYING to know what this baby is (will know in 2 weeks)! I am so ready to prepare the nursery, etc...Cory still thinks its a boy, I am just so unsure, the chinese lunar calendar said GIRL. Also, I ate at PF Chang's with some friends a couple of weeks ago and this was my fortune...



I have a girl name that I really really love, and Cory and I don't agree on any boy names, so it will probably be a boy :)

Weight Gain:
I have gained a total of 8 pounds so far, I am happy with that, I gained 10 during the 1st trimester with Carson. I worried about my weight the entire pregnancy with Carson, but this time it doesn't bother me, I am eating what I want when I want! And today..this is what I wanted - tuna sandwich, pickle, macaroni salad and fruit! I love Fancy Pantry!

I am still feeling random alien movements, I can't wait for Cory to be able to feel  and see the baby move. We always loved laying in bed watching Carson do his tricks!

Dr. Apt.:
Heart rate was 141, everything else looked good as well!

Belly Pic:

Here is a recap up until now...

10 weeks:

12 weeks:

14 weeks:

16 weeks: 
I don't see much of a change from 14 weeks. I think there is a big growth spurt coming according to babycenter, and 18 weeks seems to be when I remember having the basketball belly for the 1st time with Carson.
This is what Carson is usually doing in the mornings while I am getting ready...digging in the bathroom drawers. 


Crystal said...

That is so funny because that was my fortune the other day when I ordered Chinese...I didn't look on the back though. I can't wait until you find out what the sex is!!

From Marriage To Motherhood said...

That lunch looks so yummy! Fancy Pantry...where is it located?

That! I'm thinking GIRL for you Kimberly!!

Suzy said...

Looking good Momma! I'm thinking girl!