Saturday, March 31, 2012

Carson stuff....

This post is mainly for I don't forget how hilarious my little boy is, here are a few things Carson has said and done lately that just crack me up.

  • When we draw, I usually write his name and a couple of months ago he started learning that we have names other than mommy and daddy. After that we started teaching him his last name and writing it. And he says it like "Phiwips" so sweet. He will hand us the chalk/crayon etc...and say "you wanna write your Phiwips" 
  • A few weeks ago we were on our way to daycare and we ended up behind a school bus in traffic for a couple of minutes and he was so excited, and he wanted to know where the bus was going when it turned, so I told him that the bus picks up big kids to go to big school, and he said "oh, the bus is going to the dinosaur's house"....I guess he was just thinking of something BIG.
  • Last week I met some of my girlfriends for lunch, and when I was brushing Carson's hair, I told him I was making him look handsome for the ladies, and he looked up at me and said "the ladybugs?"...:)
  • When he was outside with Cory, he told Cory "I got something in my eye" and Cory said "what is it" and Carson said "a ladybug" and he just smirked, I guess that's his version of a joke...I don't know what the obsession with ladybugs is....he is really into bugs in general right now.
  • He has never really been one to put things in his mouth, however he likes to put things in his EARS....he stuffs play dough in there and pretends its earplugs (he says earcugs) like Daddy wears when he cuts grass, and he has these little pencil topper animals that he puts in his ears like earplugs as well....oy.
  • He LOVES to smell everything, and I mean everything. I think he gets this from me, I like odd smells like books (old and new), plastic wrapping, paper, etc...Anything new that he sees, he says he wants to "mell" it. He loves to smell his boy!
  • Carson will still come sleep in our bed 1/2 way through the night, and one early morning, he heard Colin on the baby monitor crying while Cory was tending to him, and Carson rolled over with his eyes still closed and said "give him a bottle"...basically to get that baby quiet so he could get some sleep!
  • He thinks now that saying no thanks will get him out of doing a task he doesn't want to this morning, me, mom and Cory tried to offer him some breakfast and he kept saying "no thank you though"
  • He has started answering questions with "no sir"...I guess he hears that a lot!

  • He counts to 15 in Spanish and he counts more often in Spanish than he does in English...I think I need to tune him in to Dora to teach him some more since he likes it so much!
  • He is completely potty trained during the day (oh how I hate public restrooms, I have now learned to never leave the house without Clorox wipes)...road trips take a bit longer now.....
  • He is just the best big brother there is! These 2 already have so much fun together, I can't wait to see what happens when Colin can walk around really play with Carson!

I just can't believe how much of a kid he is now, he will be 3 years old in just a few months! My handsome little fellow! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Colin, 7 months

Colin turned 7 months old today! 

Here is what he is up to:

He is now such a little copy-cat; if we pat our knees/legs he will do the same, he also imitates some sounds we are making. 

He can now say some consonant sounds such as, the "m", "g" and "b" sounds....He talks the most when he is mad. He also squeals a lot.

He is eating about 6 oz every 4 hours, and he eats 3 meals per day of baby food. He chews on everything, and always has a finger in his mouth when he's awake, the teething pain bothers him sometimes, and he hasn't been sleeping as well.

He is starting to get frustrated with the fact that he can't crawl. And he tries to pull up on something when he gets a chance.
(pulling himself up in brother's truck)

 He is a big boy (about 18 1/2 lbs), I have had to get down some of Carson's 9 month clothes from the attic a little early. He is wearing a size 4 diaper now.

Still loves his passy and blanky when he is sleepy, and takes about 3-4 naps per day. 

We have been doing a lot of special activities now that I am not working anymore, and he loves story time and the park. Wears him out!

One of my new favorite things he does now is reach for me when I come close to him, I love that! He is also getting a little more clingy, most times if I walk by him and don't pick him up he gets hysterical.

He LOVES playing outside, he just wiggles his toes in the grass and also tried to eat the grass.

He watches Carson like a hawk, they love each other so much and are interacting much more, it's so sweet. I am so glad they get to spend all day, every day together now!

Happy 7 months Colin! We love you!