Sunday, March 18, 2012

Colin, 7 months

Colin turned 7 months old today! 

Here is what he is up to:

He is now such a little copy-cat; if we pat our knees/legs he will do the same, he also imitates some sounds we are making. 

He can now say some consonant sounds such as, the "m", "g" and "b" sounds....He talks the most when he is mad. He also squeals a lot.

He is eating about 6 oz every 4 hours, and he eats 3 meals per day of baby food. He chews on everything, and always has a finger in his mouth when he's awake, the teething pain bothers him sometimes, and he hasn't been sleeping as well.

He is starting to get frustrated with the fact that he can't crawl. And he tries to pull up on something when he gets a chance.
(pulling himself up in brother's truck)

 He is a big boy (about 18 1/2 lbs), I have had to get down some of Carson's 9 month clothes from the attic a little early. He is wearing a size 4 diaper now.

Still loves his passy and blanky when he is sleepy, and takes about 3-4 naps per day. 

We have been doing a lot of special activities now that I am not working anymore, and he loves story time and the park. Wears him out!

One of my new favorite things he does now is reach for me when I come close to him, I love that! He is also getting a little more clingy, most times if I walk by him and don't pick him up he gets hysterical.

He LOVES playing outside, he just wiggles his toes in the grass and also tried to eat the grass.

He watches Carson like a hawk, they love each other so much and are interacting much more, it's so sweet. I am so glad they get to spend all day, every day together now!

Happy 7 months Colin! We love you!


Cordes Mom said...

Happy 7 months, Colin! The pics are great, Kimberly, but let's face it... they always are. Keep snapping lots of them. Love those two boogers.

Cordes Mom said...

BTW, I just went back to compare Colin's 6 mo pics with his 7 mo pics and he's changed a lot!