Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random things about me

I have also seen this going around on facebook, Ali and Becca brought it to the blog, so I guess I will partake.

1. I am becoming very annoyed/tired of facebook, people update their status everytime they blink.

2. I love holding my girl dog, Charlie, like an infant baby; if I had a rocking chair I would rock her.

3. I love the smell of my dogs' faces, and rubbing my nose to theirs'.

4. I love boy names for girls (which is why Charlie is Charlie).

5. My husband proposed to me half naked, which is SO Cory and I love it.

6. I don't like walking around barefoot, must have socks.

7. I LOVE seeing my dog Chase's nub tail wag, just knowing he is happy gives me one of the best feelings in the world. Cory and I ALWAYS point out to eachother when it wags. (Most Bostons don't have tails).

8. I hate the side profile of my face.

9. I love eating plain pasta while cooking an italian meal, it grosses Cory out - that and cake batter.

10. I love picking out and giving Cory gifts - anything to see those dimples when he smiles.

11. I don't like to read.

12. I love receiving flowers.

13. I drink way too much soda and not near enough water.

14. I have lived in my house for almost 8 months and still have not decorated.

15. I am very hot-natured, and can't stand to sweat unless I am working out.

16. Swimsuit season stresses me out more than anything....especially this year since I will be a whale.

17. I can't stand football...ok not the actual sport, but the hype that surrounds it and how it RUNS peoples' lives from August to January...and makes grown up men get into fights (drunk men). - I mean come on! Grow up!

18. I need a maid/cleaning service, but Cory won't let me hire one. I don't like cleaning bathrooms and cleaning floors, obviously it doesn't get done often enough.

19. I get carsick pretty easily, always have.

20. I hope my baby has Cory's beautiful brown eyes.

21. I constantly worry about Cory's safety, he is on the road A LOT.

22. I don't think I could ever get tired of watching Sex and the City, everyone who knows me will agree.

23. I love bad weather, not that it can bring harm to people but the science of it, its fascinating.

24. I love being sunburned just a little to have some color.

25. The best moment of my life was also on the worst day of my life- when we were told that there may be something wrong with our baby - the Dr. left us alone for a bit and I cried, and Cory just hugged me and told me that this is OUR baby and we would love it no matter what. And I felt so lucky to have such a sweet man to share my life with, and knew that we would be ok.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My new look

So I got my hair cut short the other day. I like it so far, still learning how to fix it. I typically like my hair long but these days I can't get up in time to fix long hair, I have fallen into a rut of wearing in a wet pony tail to work. So I needed something to get me excited about fixing it again.