Friday, April 20, 2012

Colin is 8 months old!

My baby boy turned 8 months old on April 18th; this past month has been huge as far as firsts.

  • Colin is now pulling himself up from sitting to standing supported. He is constantly testing out everything he sees to see if he can use it to pull up.
  • He can go from laying down to sitting up all on his own. We have lowered his crib due to all the new developments.
  • He is clapping and doing all other sorts of copy-catting.
  • He started eating the puffs and can already feed those to himself. He loves them and when he chews them it looks like he has bubble gum. I also broke up some of the yogurt bites so he could eat those too, we ran out of them quickly b/c Carson loves them as well!
  • He is not crawling yet, but he really wants to and gets mad that he can't yet. He just rolls around the floor for mobility at the moment.
  • This baby is so hard to get clothes and diapers on, he will NOT be still! Wiggle.Worm.
  • He is now big enough to ride in the little red car, and he and Carson have a blast riding side by side (Carson drives his truck). He has ridden in the car for about a week now, and sitting down is old news to him, he now wants to ride standing up, we strap him in so he just halfway stands up. An 8 month old dare devil....I am gonna have my hands full with these two....
  • He loves playing outside, he is constantly trying to eat grass...he also loves to swing.
  • He tried the baby yogurt for the first time this month and loves it, I think it's his favorite food. He also really likes mangos, something Carson hated.
  • I was starting to get worried b/c he wasn't babbling very much, but he finally started to speak up :)
  • His hair is getting longer and it curls a little in the back, it has a golden blonde color to it.
  • He went to his first Braves baseball game this week, and he did pretty good. He even slept through a couple of innings.
  • He is still a big boy, he weighs over 19 pounds and is almost ready for some 12 month clothes. I just love his chubby legs and arms! We may have to get a new car seat for him sooner than I thought.
  • He is such a sweet baby, I just love spending every day with him and his brother.

Happy 8 months precious baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mary said...

he is so stinkin cute! i see so much of his brother in him! i know you are loving them playing together now, how fun!