Monday, June 4, 2012

Colin, 9 months

This has been a very exciting month for my baby boy! He is such a sweet baby, and I love him more and more every day!

He is crawling, cruising, standing alone for a few seconds, walking with assistance (he pushes his activity table around), trying table food and saying "mama" and "dada".....he is a very busy baby!

He is obsessed with playing in the bathroom, every time the door is open, there he goes. He stands at the tub and screams b/c he wants in, and if I close the door before he can go in there - he cries, he also does this if he can't go outside. Speaking of outside, he would stay out all day if he could.

He has started to do the baby bounce dance when he hears music or gets excited. I love this!

He holds his own bottle and feeds himself finger foods.

He loves playing peek-a-boo, especially with Carson. He and Carson also have screaming and laughing wars in the car, it is so funny and sweet. 

He has 2 teeth! He has one bottom front and one of his canines. The rest will be here soon, at his check up, the nurse said it looked like a lot of the front teeth were coming at the same time. 

He loves for us to pretend to chase him, he will take off crawling fast and giggle.

He started using a sippy cup and is doing well with it; I tried so many with Carson and it took him forever to understand that it was for drinking, and the Nuk brand worked so well for him so that is what I am using this time around too.

He went to a swimming pool for the first time and I knew he would love it, he adores bath time. He was so content in the water. I am loving the spray on sunscreen! Makes this so much easier with two busy boys!

Happy 9 months Colin!!!!!!!

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Mary said...

his little smile just melts my heart, such a cutie!