Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3 months

Now that I am back at work, I have been blog reading more. I love reading about Addison's growth (The Strickland Family blog) and I got to thinking...I need to document more about Carson.

He turned 3 months old yesterday! I think he is finally getting on a routine, just in time for daycare.

-He seems to want his 1st bottle of the day around 8 or 8:30, which helps me know what time to get him to daycare (don't want him starving on the way and was worried about this). From then on he eats every 4 hours unless his nap runs over. Question for moms - do you wake your babies from naps to feed them, I never have..but was wondering if it helps keep them on a schedule or if it makes them mad??????

-He goes to bed around 8 or 9; wakes for a feeding at 2:30. I put him in bed with me around 5, then he sleeps until 7:30 or so. He talks to me while I put my make-up on and watches Clifford. Then I go to work and Nana or Grandmother keep him, daycare starts next Monday.

-At 9AM he watches Sesame Street and laughs at it..so cute, not sure why some people are Nazis about babies watching TV...uhmmm HELLO its good COLORFUL stimulation and is not hurting them.

-He LOVES to stand up on my lap, so we broke out the cute jumperoo, and he likes it, its so funny watching him bounce a bit-he doesn't quite know what to think, he is still a little young for it but we still do it since he likes to stand so much.

-We have been putting some cereal in his bottles to help with his reflux, and we still give him prune juice at 1 feeding to keep him from getting backed up.

-He kicks his covers off, and is too old to be swaddled so we are big fans of the sleep sacks now.

-He doesn't really enjoy his baths, but there isn't much we can do in that area except DO IT FAST.

-He holds his head up very well despite the lack of tummy time (I always forgot to do that and only thought about it after he ate, and he hated it anyway)

-He has had cradle cap for about a month now, and a lady at work shared with me to massage his hair with the baby brush while washing it and it will help...we'll see.

-He has been on Zantac for a month now and it has helped him SO much, thank goodness for internet so nervous moms can research. Last time I went to the ped., the Dr. we saw asked "what do you need me for, you've got it figured out"

-He is wearing 3 month clothes and has been since he was about 2 months. The 3-6 mo. are still a little long, poor thing he is destined to be short.

-He is SO happy in the mornings, he giggles and flirts and coos, it is SO nice to see him SO happy.

-He has learned how to blow bubbles, not sure if its on purpose.

I have a big list of items to purchase in the near future (I get SO excited to shop for baby stuff - I love it...can't wait to find out what Becca's baby is so I can shop for that one!)
1. High chair, gonna get one of those space saver ones, our house is small.
2. Bumbo seat
3. Some plush toys
4. Baby cereal, baby food, Dec. 2nd (4 mo. check up) Dr. will discuss feeding solids with me.
5. Kickin piano (pad that makes noise and lights up when baby kicks it), man does that baby kick!
6. Umbrella stroller, for shopping and walking, etc...I have a small car and can't take that big one if I want to use my trunk for something else.
7. Since both of our families live in AL, I need to get a large duffle bag for him, we had SO many small bags on his first trip for his stuff, SO annoying and I am not doing that again.


Carrie said...

You can also get rid of cradle cap by putting a little bit of baby oil in his hair and brush it out. That worked awesome for Cade.

Marty & Peyton James said...

I am very behind on reading blogs now a days but I really enjoyed catching up on baby Carson! He is such a cutie!!!

And they call it puppy love said...

Thanks Carrie, I will try that too!

Thanks Peyton, Congrats on your new addition as well!!!!!!!! He is beautiful!

Candace said...

I bet you can't believe how much they change each month either! As I was reading I thought - awe! I miss those days, but I will tell you everything just keeps getting better and better.

Happy 3 Months, Carson!

Candace said...

Oh - by the way - you've been awarded. Check out my blog for details.

Living4Him said...

I absolutely love reading about your little one! I am glad your transition back to work has gone well and that you feel so much better about the daycare situation. I did not post before when you were having issues, but I was SO blessed to be at the same school as the kids while they were in daycare. I think you will see an even more distinct routine develop when he starts daycare. My kids always did better on a "routine" rather than a "schedule" cause things always a changing!

Anyway, we things about you often and I love to read so keep the updates coming!