Sunday, November 8, 2009


Keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow; its Carson's first day of daycare with no turning back...I can't go back and get him if they call me if he is having a bad day like last time we tried out another daycare. But hopefully this daycare will listen to me better and I will do a better job of being clear about his eating schedule.

A few people in my life have been making comments about Carson having a temper and its starting to get on my nerves, but honestly I think that is just his way of cummunicating, instead of crying, he grunts and groans and arches his back if he doesn't like the position he's in, or doesn't want the bottle taken away, know - what baby is happy all the time? NONE. All babies get upset, all babies cry, all babies pitch fits, babies can't talk, crying and grunting and groaning are ways that my baby tells me something is wrong or he's not comfortable. I am hoping that the teachers at daycare take this stuff as signs of discomfort and try to help him rather than ignore him b/c they think he has a "temper".


Carrie said...

Only you know your baby and what he wants. The others who are making those comments to you don't understand. Don't let them get to you because like I said you are the only one who knows your baby!

Rebecca said...

I pray everythig goes well for you and Carson today! Carson is so sweet and was so easy to take care have done a great job! Believe me when I say this too...I have dealt with far more complicated babies!

Candace said...

Prayers for today! You get after those people who talk about your baby. I tell people all the time that I am a mama lion and will act accordingly.

Janie said...

People say the stupidest stuff. Anyway I have heard that about A LOT of boy babies. You know men, they like to be comfortable *wink*.
good luck and keep your chin up!