Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am SO in love with ELMO stuff for Carson. I didn't think I would like Sesame Street for him before he arrived (thought it was cliche') but when I had it on the TV while I was trying to get some work done, he started cooing at the TV. So I payed attention and I love that show and so does Carson, I especially love the segment on Elmo's world and Murray Had a Little Lamb (the lamb speaks Spanish, its hilarious). However, if there are any family members reading, a good Christmas gift for him would be anything having to do with Elmo.

And to think I got SO mad at the ELMO towel he is wearing in that pic, I almost threw it away! I was washing clothes for him before he was born, and I wasn't thinking and this towel got washed with most of his other clothes, and there was red fuzz on everything! Very annoying. I had pregnancy brain then....but let me tell you - mommy brain is much worse. At work the other day I went into the kitchen to get a coke out of the vending machine, instead I got cheese-its and opened the bag and ate one before I realized what I actually went in there

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