Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Words cannot describe how tired I am. The newness of being back to work has worn off, and now I am feeling the exhaustion. My back hurts too, maybe because Carson weighs over 15lbs now! I can't believe it still.

He is doing very well in daycare. He is always very tired when he comes home, maybe its the new stimulation or the fact that he probably cries a bit more during the day since he isn't the only baby to tend to, I don't like thinking about that, but there is nothing I can do. I just hold him A LOT when I get home and spoil him there since he doesn't get to be spoiled during the day.

Here are the stupid GA State Rules I was talking about in my previous post:

-They cannot use the passy clips
-They cannot leave him in the swing or bouncy if he falls asleep
-Bottles must be dated each day (I understand having his name on it, but geeze I am not going to send an expired bottle for my baby)
-They can only put a bib on him while he eats, then it must be removed (Carson spits up a lot, so he goes through 3 outfits each day)
-They can only administer medicine at 10:30 or 2:30 (Zantac is just every 12 hours, and I don’t wake him to give it to him so it won’t be at the exact same time every day)
-Each individual diaper is labeled (the teachers do this)

I am sure all of these rules are for the safety of my child, but man I feel bad for the teachers, nothing is made easy for them. Taking care of an infant is hard enough.


Carrie said...

The daycare Cade goes to wont put baby powder or diaper rash ointment on him without a doctor's note. Now how stupid is that?! I hate all these daycare rules. I understand some of them but some of them are just so stupid.

Living4Him said...


Hang in there girl! Think of it this way, more rules means more care taken when they are tending to his needs.

Also, I had to learn that I would never really be "the same" and my routine would never be the same. Trust me, just when you get down a good routine for your family, Carson will have grown into a older baby, then toddler, then older toddler, then child...and you will have to change again.

I don't deal with change well, so I wish someone had told me not to get too comfortable because everything IS A STAGE:) We (as people and as a family) are always moving to a new stage in our lives.

In the meantime - live, laugh, love and enjoy every minute (even the exhausted and sad ones) because you WILL miss them. I never thought I would say that I miss Carys not having hair, but there are times I would give ANYTHING to rub and kiss her bald head again!

Love and Prayers,