Monday, October 4, 2010


I often think about how motherhood changed me. Every time I have lunch with my friend Cyndee, she tells me how I have changed so much, and it is so true, being a mother brings out the best in most women. Becoming a mother made me selfless, and soft-hearted, I am such a marshmellow now....As a softie, I can literally just think of the day my son puts on his 1st T-ball uniform, goes to his 1st school dance, drives a car, or his Wedding Day and I could easily cry. I used to be afraid of getting old, but if it means I get to watch my baby grow, I will happily take the wrinkles.

My friend Janie had a baby a few months ago and one of the 1st things she said to me when I held her sweet baby girl, was simply "Motherhood...there is just no way to describe it." To me, Motherhood simply means to live completely for another human being and love every minute of it, sure it can be hard, but man does it pay off EVERY SINGLE day. I have bad days at work, and then when I arrive at daycare and see that face, it's like Christmas morning on steroids..and all the crap just goes away. I now am able to live in the moment and appreciate each new day where my son dances for joy when he hears music, claps for me when I sing to him, backs his booty into my lap with a book to read, and snuggles up to me when he is sleepy. I would never be able to count all the heart melting moments even if I tried.

My days are filled with food on the floor, stepping on leaves to hear the "crunch", opening and closing the mailbox 20 times, making animal sounds, and singing dinosaur train songs....and life has never been better!

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Janie said...

*sniff* So true! And yes motherhood does bring out a whole different side to us. Sadly some of my friends who don't have children, don't seem to understand. They don't have all my attention anymore and I don't want to do all the things I used to. But that's OK with me! There is nothing, nothing, like the bond between a mother and child. I am happily her slave, and she is the masterpiece of my lifetime.