Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting Ready for Halloween, and Weekend Recap

I have been so excited to put Carson in his Halloween clothes, they are just too cute for words! 

  • We had a great weekend, we stayed home and relaxed Friday night. 
  • Saturday, Carson and I did some early morning shopping for him, I bought him some Nike shoes and some Sketchers at Rackroom (they were having a sale - by one get one 1/2 price). Then I got some stuff from Kid to Kid Consignment (2 pairs of long sleeve pj's, and 3 pairs of 12 month pants, he just isn't ready for 18 month pants as you can see in the pic above...I got all that for $18, love consignment!). 
  • Saturday night we watched football with some friends and ate some very yummy food!
  • We got the home appraisal back and it was about what we expected, now we are just deciding whether or not to market our house. We are in contact with my cousin, our Real Estate agent, and getting her opinion. 
  • Carson turned 14 months on the 2nd....time is flying, and he is learning so much all the time. He can now slap my hand to "give me five", he takes our hands and leads us to things he wants or to what he wants to do, he is doing well sleeping in his bed the entire night, he is so cute doing his baby sign language, he is in a size 4 shoe now and can fit into some 18 month pj's. He also got a top front tooth and the other one looks like it is on its way as well!
  • Sunday, we had another low key day. It was my day to sleep in (Cory sleeps in on Saturdays), we watched TV and ate leftovers (I forgot to start the crock pot roast I was planning for...ughhh), we went for a walk around the neighborhood, then played outside with Carson..the weather was just perfect!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Hollyhand House said...

What a cute little skeleton! Glad you had a good weekend!

Rebecca said...

Zach always tells me about your invites AFTER the fact! So sorry we missed you all this weekend and the yummy food! And I think Zoe is on the same tooth track as Carson. Still only 2 teeth! Miss you!

Chris_Mcdonald said...
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Anonymous said...

love the skeleton how cute! :)...we're in the same boat with most his 18 month pants..just a little too long..have you tried size 12-18 month at Old Navy?...that size was a perfect fit!..i just got a bunch of pants there for Joshua yesterday, very cute and most all are on sale right now!