Monday, September 27, 2010

Miscellany Monday

I always have random things to say, but never really want to dedicate an entire post to them, so....I thought I would start participating in Miscellany Monday.

1. We had a low key weekend, Cory and I watched movies after Carson went to bed(Juno and Angels and Demons..great movies BTW).

2. Carson took 2 naps on Saturday and 2 on Sunday which is odd for him (usually just a 2 hour nap mid-day), it usually is a sign that he is getting I hope that is not the case. Maybe just a growth spurt. 

3. We locked our keys in the car on Sunday while at target. Thanks to Alison for helping us out! We are so fortunate that you live close and that you have a key to our house!

4. Rainy weekends are tough when you have a toddler in the house, we had to move my car out of the garage so Carson and Cory could play ball, and we put the big couch cushion on the floor so Carson could do some climbing and get some energy out!

5. I have been posting lately about Carson's development as far as recognizing words, etc...and this weekend I figured out he understands so much more than I thought. So I am going to start spending a little more time on baby sign language to help him communicate since he understands a lot of words/ideas but can't speak them. 

6. We got a new vacuum, way overdue! I think we spent like $50 on the one we got when we got married...bad choice, it sucks! So we got a good one and I am very excited to use it frequently!

7. We are having our house appraised today. We have just been thinking that with almost our entire family living hours away, we need more space if we want to have another baby, we just won't have the room for the grandmothers to stay and help out, or for family to come and visit either. So this is just something we are "thinking about" for now. It's no biggie if we can't sell, b/c we love our house, we just want to see if we can take advantage of the current market and find something with 4 bedrooms and bigger common areas.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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