Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh how I love Toddlerhood...

This kid keeps us laughing even after he has gone to bed. I was surfing the web and Cory was about to get into the shower when he discovered a pack of sweet-tarts in the tub. Then I remembered earlier in the evening the 60 seconds of calling Carson into the living room after he ventured into the bedroom with a handful of Halloween candy he swiped from the bowl. I thought something would probably end up in the toilet, but I was wrong.

I discovered today that Carson now knows what "shoes" mean. After supper, he was clinging to my leg while I was trying to change out of my work clothes and I said "Go find your shoes" and he immediately went to the kitchen table (which is where I put them every time I take them off of him) and began looking and reaching for them.

He also knows what "throw it" means. We have taught him to throw the balls for the dogs, but this has now been really beneficial for the times that he picks up something not ideal to put into his mouth..We say "throw it" and he throws the item back down. He thinks its a game, and it takes his interest off of putting something gross (carpet fuzz, old crumbs, dog food, etc...) in his mouth.

He has figured out that clapping goes with being proud, or goes with ending something. He usually claps after he does something that he thinks was special, or when we say "good job", and also at the end of his glow worm songs, or songs I sing for him. Can he get any cuter!

Carson is 13 months old.

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