Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Carson is really starting to pick up on more and more activities and mainly matching ideas together. I didn't realize how much attention he really pays to what we do. He knows that pen/crayon goes to the paper, the remote goes to the TV (he will point it at the TV), the phone goes to his ear, the brush goes to his hair.

If he has a blanket or anything soft he presses it to his cheek and leans his head over (sweetest thing ever).

He knows that socks and shoes go onto his feet. He will also bring me his shoes in the hope that I will take him outside. He loves to try to put our shoes on, and he is so good for me (knock on wood) when I put his socks and shoes on in the mornings, he will try to put his foot in the shoe.

He also thinks the word "easy" means to pet something. When he first started grabbing and touching the dogs we would tell him "be easy" and show him how to pet the dog. I noticed last time his cousin Zoe visited, I wanted to make sure he wasn't rough with her since he is older and bigger, so I told him be easy, and he started petting her arm. So cute! This morning, he was rolling over and trying to sit and stand on me so I told him be easy and he started to pet my arm...I just melted!

Carson will be 13 months old tomorrow!

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Mary and Chris said...

omg how cute is he!.. baby boys are the best aren't they! :)