Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ready for Fall

I love how the house feels so warm with seasonal decorations out and candles burning. Here is a little peek of my fall decor. Let me preface these pics by saying I know I need to dust, and I know some of the linens need to be ironed :)

This is a wall hanging that I got from Hobby Lobby, I wanted to hang it on the back door, but there is too much coming and going I think it would drive us crazy! So I hung it beside the back door:

I made a little scarecrow bouquet and put it on the window ledge above my kitchen sink:

I got this pumpkin from Hobby Lobby and made the wreath with materials from Hobby Lobby as well, the place mats and linens were all wedding presents that I decided to finally put to use, the leaf candles were a gift from my mom a few years ago:

A little splash of color for the kitchen:

I love having a pumpkin lit up in the house, so I got one that plugs into the wall last year, this thing pretty much stays on all the time:

I also wanted to show the finished product on the fireplace (don't have a before pic handy, just picture black marble tile where the new cream tile is), hubby did a great job:

Close-up of the decor on the mantle:

Pumpkin tea light candle holders:

And I wanted something for the coffee table that could be thrown around by Carson and I couldn't resist this tiny plush pumpkin from Hobby Lobby:

Can't wait to see everyone else's fall decorations!!!!


Amanda McCrory said...

Love it all The Kitchen table is my Favorite!!

Hollyhand House said...

Looks great Kimberly! I put mine up this week as well but have a ocuple of more things to do. I love the fire place...Cory did a great job! I noticed yall rearranged...looks good!

Anonymous said...

You are so together! I'm gonna be lucky if I pull off Christmas this year hahaha Kartik is pissed because I'm going to decorate our tree in seashells! LOL!!!! I want to get in the mood for these holidays but its so hard when its 90 degrees outside. Your house looks adorable!

A Lil Story said...

Oh wow, I keep forgetting that it is FALL already!! Your decorations are fabulous! I am so not organized enough for seasonal decor- I am lucky to get a Christmas tree up each year ;)