Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Bert Show needs to give parents a break!

I am not a big fan of the Bert show (Atlanta Morning Radio Show), I will listen occasionally when my Conservative News Talk show goes to commercial...and I ALWAYS regret it. Every time I listen, I just think to myself, these people are such pretentious, judgmental snobs! They typically are judging things they know nothing about.

Today, one of their segments really struck a cord with me. It was about parents not cleaning up after their kids in restaurants and how servers are NOT there to clean up after you and your children. Well, its not that black and white! The cast was mainly talking about parents who let their kids tear up restaurant property, open and pour out salt and pepper, make messes with the sugar and splenda, have food fights, etc...And I was in agreement with them until one parent called in and said that she makes her children behave while dining out, but doesn't clean up the food on floor (I don't clean the floor either). The Bert show cast felt like it was the parents' place to clean the floor before they left. SAY WHAT!!??? The lady asked "should I get down on my hands and knees and pick it all up?" And the Bert show cast just snarled and huffed and puffed and said Uhhh YEAH.

Seriously?????? I kept listening for the # to call in but I never heard it, I swear I had smoke coming out of my ears. Ok Bert show: babies throw food on the floor...they JUST do, its not to make the server have a bad night, and they don't know any better until they get older. When I go to a restaurant with my family, I am going to have a BREAK from cooking and cleaning Duhhh....So yes, the servers/bus boys, etc... are there to serve and clean up. And no, I will not get down on my hands and knees and pick up food off of the floor. It is hard enough to entertain your kid, to make him behave and maintain a volume level that won't bother other patrons, get your child fed, yourself fed, still entertain them while waiting for the check, etc...

Ironically, the only cast member who HAS children was out today; so the argument wasn't very balanced. Just a bunch of childless snobs beating up on parents who want to take a "break" (if you can even call dining out with kids a break) for an hour a week.

Disclaimer: Being a server is hard work, I have many friends that were servers and I respect servers greatly and am a very generous tipper. My anger in this post was towards the KNOW-Nothing Bert Show cast members and others who are annoyed when parents bring children in public...Oh the horror! Listen people, children exist and they don't always behave, they too are allowed in restaurants.. babies cry and make messes...GET OVER IT!


Candace said...

I'm with you! I'm NOT picking up food off the floor. I am also PAYING them for food and service. They are armed with a broom too, so sweep that food up, buddy!

Hollyhand House said...

I was a server even if it was for a short amount of time and now I am a mom...and I do not see that its my place to do that. It takes them literally 2 seconds to do it with those nifty brooms. I never thought it was a big deal when I was a server either as long as I got a tip. It was my job and I got paid to do it. I do say if AR makes a mess or I have to trouble the waiter a lot, we tip even more than we normally do.