Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Carson's 1 year Check-up and Stats

At 12 months, Carson is:

  • Eating just table food now, and he loves to feed himself.
  • Only drinking from the sippy cup, I put all bottles away last week.
  • Has 4 teeth all on bottom.
  • Just moved up to size 4 diapers.
  • Still in 12 month size clothing, although its getting a tiny bit snug.
  • In a size 3 shoe.
  • Is transitioning to the Toddler room at Daycare this week.
  • Loves for us to sneak up on him and "scare" him. 
  • Can walk pretty fast.
  • Is figuring out the doggie door.

  • Loves his doggies, especially Charlie, when she lays down, he goes and pats her on the back.
  • Is obsessed with playing ball, he would be happy if balls were the only toys he had, he has gotten good at rolling and throwing balls.
  • Loves to walk around the yard and room to room in the house; still enjoys his swing.
  • Is enjoying figuring out how to close doors, but can't reach the knob to open them yet, so he gets frustrated when he can't get back out.
  • He is very interested in the bathroom scale, toilet and bath tub. He likes to throw balls and mommies stuff into the toilet and bathtub.
  • Loves when I open the dishwasher and tries to grab the dishes no matter how many times I scold him.
  • LOVES music and dancing, he will even dance to the lullabies on his glow worm, and to the sound of the toilet flushing. 
  • Had his first birthday party last weekend and had a great time!
  • Went to the Dr. for a check up and weighed 20 lbs 7 oz and is 29.25 inches tall. 

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