Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things I don't want to forget

Lately when I rock Carson at night he "hums" himself to sleep..it is the sweetest thing, he did this when he was a tiny baby...not sure why he started up again, but I don't mind.

He is developing some new habits...he likes to shake his head no. Sometimes he will do it coincidentally when I ask him a a question, when I try to wipe his mouth or nose, and even sometimes while he is dancing....speaking of dancing he has started to do a little neck roll...it is the cutest thing ever.

He loves to copy us when we stomp our feet.

He has discovered how to "go limp"...every time I need to brush his hair, teeth, or redirect him from something, he just falls to the floor...drives me insane.

He now knows the the word "bite" means food, and I can always get him to come to me when I say "You want a bite"  ....this kid loves to eat.

We let him have "naked time" before his bath and he now likes to "target" things to pee on...maybe potty training won't be so bad! Yeah right!

He is doing really well in the Beginner Classroom (12-20 months age range) at daycare...he sleeps on a mat instead of a crib...it drives me crazy how he naps SO easy for daycare teachers...but refuses to be put down for naps some days at home. He is very smart :) He knows what he can get away with at home and that mama is a softie.

He is DANGEROUS...I now have to protect the dogs from him! He hit Charlie on the head with a toy the other day and I am sure it hurt her :(   She runs the other way when he walks around shaking his toys now! He also hit Daddy in a very tender area with his music mallet...that was quite funny.

He certainly does keep us laughing, and I can't get enough of him!


Courtney said...

Lol at the going limp thing...isn't it the worst?? Henry has started doing this too. Along with throwing his head back and arching his back :).

I can't believe that he will take a nap on a mat!! I can't imagine Henry ever staying on a mat to go to sleep. He won't even take one in his crib most afternoons (fighting one currently)!

Candace said...

He is growing up so quickly! YAY for Carson! His personality is going to develop so much over the coming months - I can't wait to hear more!

Addison sleeps a lot better for the daycare than she does for me - stinks, doesn't it?!?!?