Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Big Boy Table

When I 1st took Carson into the Beginner room to introduce him to the new environment...they said he could join the rest of the toddlers for a snack. When I saw where he would be sitting...I thought to myself "yeah right, he won't sit there for more than 3 seconds." Boy I was wrong...he was so interested in the other kids and the food that he sat there for the entire snack time. It is amazing what he learns and will copy from other kids. For example: he naps for almost 2 hours on a floor mat at daycare, that would never happen at home!

As he sat at the tiny table that doesn't even come up to my knees, I just kept thinking how cute he was and that I had to take a picture of him there soon. Every morning I drop him off, I sit him down at the table and they serve him his breakfast and seeing him look up at me from that table is just so precious...not sure why....

Bring on the food ladies!

Too early for the camera Mom!


Caroline said...

LOVE ME SOME CARSON!! He is too cute!

Anonymous said...

That is so. completely. adorable! How cute is he at that little table sitting there like a little man!