Friday, August 27, 2010

What's up with us?

Not too much! August has been a pretty uneventful month in the Phillips house. Between holidays, traveling and birthday parties, etc... we usually find a house project to work on. Currently we (well just Cory) are replacing the tile around the fireplace. It was an ugly black marble tile that didn't go with our brown and tan theme. So we are trying to correct it :) I will post some pics when it is finished (hopefully this weekend).

Carson is doing well in his new class, I am getting to know his teachers (in the new class) a little better and I really like them now. There are only 5 kids in this class which makes me very happy. There was also a bully that was constantly pushing down babies and biting them in this class, but after he bit Carson, he got kicked out. I was so happy to hear the news when I found out he was gone! Now, here's hoping he didn't teach my sweet boy to act like that.

Carson's vocabulary now consists of Uh-oh, Daddy, Mama (though he uses this word sparingly), Bite, Doggie, Duckie, Thank-you, and Hey. He knows what we mean when we say ball, doggie, bite, milk, passy. He no longer responds when I say "no". I now have to remove him from what he is doing wrong.

He still loves to go outside, and his new favorite thing is the slide. He wore Cory and me out the other day sliding so much. He wants to play in all the areas that make me cringe...pine straw, mine fields of dog crap, and the street. He thinks it is fun to open and close the mailbox.

We now have to strap him in his high chair b/c he can stand up in it. And he tries to climb on everything.

He still has no top teeth, where are they?????????

He won't eat cheerios or goldfish anymore, I guess he got bored with them. He feeds that ol' stuff to the dogs.

Carson will be 13 months next week.

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Janie said...

I couldn't believe it when I heard that Carson got bit by another little kid! And they can't tell you, which one did it - so strange to me. At least he got the boot! I was thinking about you this weekend, let me know when Carson gets his tubes in and I'll come help you out and let Kartik babysit Sonali for the day.