Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Carson Lately

Carson was sick last week with a nasty cold, which turned into another ear infection so we were sent to the ENT and decided on getting tubes put into his ears next Tuesday. I hope it helps him, please say a prayer that the procedure goes well and that there are no complications from anesthesia, etc.....

He has really been jabbering up a storm lately, he is constantly talking and is very loud. He is getting very good at communicating to me what he wants, he will take my hand and lead me places, he will grab my hand and put it on something that he wants me to open, he pretty much just uses my hands to do what he wants accomplished. He points to everything.  He is starting to say Thank-you which sounds like "Deed - Do", and he tries to say Doggie and Duckie. He loves walking around in the yard, he gets so mad when he has to come inside. He also shakes his head no to tell me that he doesn't want to do something or that he doesn't want me to do something to him like change his diaper or give him a bite of food or his sippie cup. He even shakes his head when he is about to do something that he knows is wrong. It is so hard not to laugh at him when we are trying to discipline him.

He got his 3rd haircut last weekend, and still behaves during the cut, knock on wood. :)
He is turning into such a funny little boy! I love him so much!

This is his new scooter, he hasn't figured out how ride it yet, he really likes to put things in the front compartment.

Reading his Elmo book (upside down!)

He got some new PJ's for his birthday, and until they shrink up a bit, I have to pull the pants way up so he doesn't trip...I think he is going to be short.

He thinks he is hot stuff now that we let him roam around the driveway and the yard.

Carson is 12 1/2 months old. 

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Hollyhand House said...

Poor Carson! I will defintely say a prayer for him and yall. I am sure he will do just fine and hopefully it will help SO much!