Monday, August 2, 2010

Carson is 1 Year old!

Dear Carson,

Today at 9:21AM you turned one year old. I remember the first time I felt you move in my belly, the first time I saw you and held you, and it all feels like yesterday.

This year has flown by, you grew from a baby to a toddler overnight it seems. At one of the baby showers, a friend wrote on the card: "Get ready for more joy than your heart can handle" and I think that is the perfect way to describe being your mama.

We fell in love the moment we met you. 

You have made Daddy and me so unbelievably happy.

You are our entire world. 

We love you more than you can imagine and always will.

Your 1st party was a success! You had a great time playing with your family and friends, playing with the paper and boxes that your toys came in :)  and you really enjoyed smashing and eating your birthday cake!

The party was a Dinosaur theme with baby blue and lime green colors all around:

The favors were complete with Dino goodies: Dino gummies, Dino silly bands, Dino rubber duckies, Dino stickers, etc...

The Cake table:

I made a Dinosaur nest to display a birth photo and a recent photo of you to show how much you have changed:

Your smash cake was a Dinosaur egg:

Your big cake (inspired by Tank on the Dinosaur Train PBS show, your favorite show...thanks to the Dessert Box for the yummy cakes)

I even worked your outfit into the theme!

Yummy cake, you started eating right away!



Anonymous said...

aww that is such a cute theme and those colors are so cute!! it turned out great! hope he had a fun 1st Bday!! :)

Candace said...

Happy (late) birthday, Carson! I just love his party theme and decorations. You did a great job planning!

Courtney said...

so cute!!! I'm trying not to cry because this is going to be us on Saturday. I'm getting so emotional. His party was adorable, and you did a great job with everything!!

kimberly t. bowling said...

The Dessert Box ladies did an awesome job on the cakes, and you really outdid yourself on all the party plans!! That Carson sure is a cutie...he has such a big smile that shows all the way in his eyes!!