Thursday, July 29, 2010

Toddler Happenings

This kid is cracking me up....he has been doing some of the funniest things lately. For some reason he adores playing in the bathroom while I get ready for work, mainly playing with the scale and pulling things out of the cabinet. So every time the bathroom door opens, he heads that way. I was picking up my bedroom and bathroom last night and Carson was following me around, and he thought it would be fun to throw a can of hairspray in the toilet! So as I am fishing that out, I look over at him and he had my underwear on his head!

When he is getting into something he is not supposed to, we tell him "ehhh, ehhh"  so now he walks around the house saying "ehhh, ehhh" only his version is a little more drawn out.

He also "plays superman"...he drapes a blanket or article of clothing around his neck and just strolls around the house. He loves to take one of Cory's tube socks (work socks, no my hubby doesn't wear tube socks regularly) and put it on the back of his neck and holds the he just worked out at the gym or something. He will do this with his baby blankets and our clothes. He loves dragging around articles of clothing.

He also loves to give us items and take them back...he will hand me a toy and I take it and say  "Thank you" and then he grins like "yeah right" and takes it back. He has been playing with the dogs and their tennis balls, he loves to throw the balls and watch them fetch, but he doesn't understand why they won't give him the ball back. He has also started to study and figure out the doggie door...Oh Lord.

He is getting cuter and funnier by the moment, I can't wait to see what is to come and what else ends up in our toilets :)


Courtney said...

lol so cute!! where are our babies??!!

Hollyhand House said...

How funny! Wish I could have seen the underwear on his head! I cant wait to see yall this weekend and celebrate his big day!!