Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What a week!

Anybody up for a random Tuesday post?

  • Hallelujah, the Masters' tournament is OVER! I know my husband enjoys working there each year but 7 days is too long for me to go without my sweet hubby and way too long for Carson not to see his Da-Da. I am so glad to have my life back to normal! Cory bought Carson some cute shirts while he was there:

  • Cory and I both took the day off yesterday to spend together. We slept in, ate some yummy Mexican food, and went to Home Depot to look at paint and flooring. We purchased the paint for the new nursery and got started yesterday. We had hoped to finish painting last night, however we were derailed a little: Carson fell down some stairs at daycare and couldn't move his arm for a couple of hours without crying. We took him to an Urgent Care place, and he was back to normal by the time the Dr. examined him and the Dr. said there was no need for an x-ray. I guess he just fell on his hand/wrist/shoulder the wrong way and was in pain for a little while. Better safe than sorry though!
  • Here is our progress on the paint so far, the top is green and we will add chair molding under the green and paint a sand color under that to give it a little accent:

  • Things are really moving along with the planning for the new baby, my parents will take the bed from the guest bedroom soon, and we are picking up the cradle this weekend. We should be finished painting by the weekend. Then we can schedule the re-carpeting for Carson's room and the nursery. I have seen SO much cute owl stuff on etsy. This theme is going to be super easy to find decor to match.
  • Carson is talking so much now, he repeats everything. After I comb his hair after his bath and get him in his PJ's, I tell him how cute and nice he looks, and he just repeats over and over the word "nice". He is obsessed with the small bouncy yellow ball that fits in his hand. He will only put it down when he eats and when he goes to daycare. The other night he took a bath with it and held on to it until he fell asleep.  So funny. He has another one just like it, but it's blue, he lets Cory and me throw the blue one, but he will NOT let go of the yellow one. He loves yellow for some reason. He has also taken to spinning in circles to make himself dizzy...never a dull moment.


Hollyhand House said...

I love the paint color and the owl theme is so cute! Owls are so popular right now for both boys and girls so you should be able to find lots of cute decor!!

From Marriage To Motherhood said...

Those preppy little golf shirts are too cute!!