Monday, April 18, 2011


Oh how I hate Mondays. Carson thought this would be a fun way to start my morning!

Most times I really dislike Sunday b/c I know what it leads too :)

We (meaning Cory) made some good progress on Colin's nursery. YES, his name is COLIN. I love it. We still have not decided on a middle name and I was just dying to announce his 1st name, so I did!

We have painted, put up the chair molding and installed new blinds. Next on the list is a few touch ups to the trim where the painters' tape took the white off (UGHHH). (side note:The lady who lived here before us thought it would be fun to paint the trim a rosy pink... in an oil base I might add)

Soon we will order the carpet and get Cory started on Carson's big boy dresser. I can't believe that in a matter of weeks, we will be in the third trimester. This is why I like starting early, we can take our time and then enjoy the nursery as sort of a "zen" room later in pregnancy.

Here is the paint job:

Carson had a fun weekend playing outside, he had his first insect encounter. A caterpillar tried to crawl on my foot and I made a high-pitched "whoo" when I saw him. So Carson and I watched him crawl around and Carson kept saying "whoo!" Hilarious. Then Da-Da joined us outside and of course picked the thing up and let Carson hold it. NOT me! I don't do well with critters! I have a long life ahead of me with all of these boys!

(I was letting him play in some water puddles and he got soaked, this is why he is in a t-shirt and diaper!)

First he said "hi" to the caterpillar:

Then he examined him for a minute:

The he fell in love! It was so cute. He didn't want to let him go, so Cory told him that the caterpillar needed to eat, then Carson told him "bye-bye". So sweet.


mary said...

i just love that color! and love the name too, Carson and Colin is so cute together!hope you're feeling well!

From Marriage To Motherhood said...

Hope you guys had a great Easter! Hope you post pics soon : ) I see you're having a spacing issue with Blogger too? ugh! So annoying!