Tuesday, May 3, 2011

21 Months!

I wanted to do a Carson post, because this month has been huge in terms of new things! I really don't think he could get ANY cuter!

  • He repeats everything we say and it sounds so sweet and innocent when it comes out of his mouth; he does really well with sentences and phrases and remembers things very easily. If he doesn't know the word for something he calls it "dat" (that). 
  • He is the biggest copycat, he wants to do everything we do, especially Da-Da.
  • Still loves the color yellow, but now knows blue, green and purple. Can't get him to say red.
  • Every time we ask him to say "I love you" he just laughs, he knows that it means something special and he gets so embarrassed when we tell him to say it.
  • He will not say his name at all!
  • He gives the best hugs. :)
  • He loves to chase Haley around the house, he just laughs and laughs when she runs.
  • The past few weeks he has been wanting to cuddle with a stuffed animal and blanket before he goes to sleep, so sweet. Sometimes he wants ALL of the animals and its hard to rock him to sleep with all the clutter!
  • He LOVES to go bye-bye.
  • I have been trying to let him walk and hold my hand in public more often, he is getting heavy to carry. 
  • He is starting to pay a little more attention to TV shows, he loves Cat in the Hat and Curious George.
  • He likes to look at the flowers and the bumble bees outside.
  • Still obsessed with balls.
  • Still loves to swing and slide. He has to hold a ball while swinging.
  • He has started to not like his hands, feet, and passy being dirty, he wants them all keen (all clean).
  • He got new carpet in his room and loves to roll around on it.
  • He has become a little more picky about his food. It started a little before he got sick last week, but being sick made it worse, so now we have a very picky toddler! 
  • The terrible two's are among us. One minute Cory and I look at each other in disbelief of how precious he is, then the next we are looking at each other thinking "whose kid is that!"
  • He loves to play in water outside and he loves to wet the dogs. This summer should be fun!
  • He still loves to dance.
  • He still does pretty well in the car seat, he points out every yellow bus, big truck, and big tree that we pass.
  • He is quite the climber, he has started to climb onto the rails of his crib from the outside and now tries to climb the fence outside. Lovely.
  • I never thought I would say this but I may buy a Barney DVD and CD. I think they listen to Barney music at daycare. He gets so excited when I play a Barney song on the computer for him. But whatever makes him that happy, I will do!


Candace said...

He is precious! I can't get over how WHITE his hair is!

Anonymous said...

wow I fell behind on your blog - I love the new design! Carson is so precious. I love reading these updates!

Suzy said...

SO BIG and handsome! He looks great in yellow!