Wednesday, May 18, 2011

27 Weeks, Carson Lately, 2nd Birthday Plans

It has been one heck of a month for our little family, home improvement projects, pregnancy exhaustion, sick toddler, insane work stress.....all of these things do not go well together. We could really use a week at the beach right about now, but Cory needs to save his vacation days for Colin's arrival, and I need to save up my days for when my kids are sick in the future. Its tough being an adult sometimes. We are however going to visit grandparents over Memorial Day weekend, and thank goodness they both have pools!

  • I will be 27 weeks tomorrow.
  • +19 pounds
  • Colin moves a lot during the day, especially after I eat and drink. Its a mixture of kicks, jabs and the rolling feeling. He will usually wake up after my night time bathroom runs too.
  • I am definitely feeling the exhaustion from getting bigger and with the 3rd trimester approaching, its no surprise.
  • I still get heartburn, I usually know when its Carson's bath time, b/c that is when the heartburn starts to occur every night.
  • I love checking things off my list in preparation for him, baby shopping is the best! I just have a few things left: sling/wrap, breast pump, bath seat (won't be using a bulky tub this go round), the letters for his room, hamper, his baby book, curtains/curtain rod, and a few small items/toiletries closer to the end of pregnancy. 
  • I have been thinking this whole time that I wouldn't purchase a single clothing item for him, but I just realized, I want to put the boys in matching outfits of course! So I will get a couple of those, probably at my favorite store...KOHL'S!
  • My cravings lately have included: chick file' chicken minis, always japanese, and pretty much anything sweet.

It is so exciting to see what each new day brings with Carson. This is an amazingly precious age where his language is just exploding! I love hearing him repeat everything we say even when we think he isn't paying attention, oh he is. The funniest thing is when Cory and I are having a conversation and I might say "um", Carson will say "um" too. He also does this when we say "sooo". Its almost like he is making fun of us.
  • He has found a love for baseball lately. He calls it "beeseball". Cory taught him to say "go braves!"
  • He asks to watch baseball almost everynight when we rock him to sleep.
  • He loves to get on his little step stool and wash his hands and make faces in the mirror.
  • He refers to his shoes sometimes as "cute shoes" he heard me say that a few times. When he wants to play outside, he say "sooz on" and "outshide"
  • The child could literally eat yogurt for every meal, he loves it!
  • He loves to put bandaids on his boo-boos, and he says "bye-bye boo-boo"; he used to call my freckles boo-boos :)
  • He loves to get the tupperware out of the cabinet, and he says "I cook"
  • He finally will try to say his name, he calls himself "Carkin"
  • He finally tries to say "I love you" and it sounds like "I wub woo"
  • He gets so excited to see birds hopping in the yard, and when we are outside he tries to chase them.
  • He loves to pick out his shirts in the morning, he always choses something that has a ball or a truck on it.
  • Every morning after he gets dressed, I have to wet and comb his hair, and I tell him how nice he looks and he says "me nice"
  • He loves the Wheels on the Bus song, especially the Barney version, he calls him "Bonkey"
  • I think its about time for some 24 month pj's, he is getting taller, and for night time I am moving to size 5 diapers.
  • We have been letting him sit at the big table with us when we eat as a family and he loves it. I still need the highchair in the mornings for his breakfast so I can get ready for work.
  • We have been starting to wean him a little from the passy. I no longer let him have it in the car, and at home he only gets it when its time to sleep. We have done good with this for about a week now. I think it helps that he understands what we say now, we tell him that passy is at home (if we are in the car) and if we are at home and he asks for passy, we tell him that passy is "night night". And he just goes about his business.
  • He loves flowers, he always says "pitty wower" for pretty flower.
  • He loves to sit on, and bounce on Chase....poor Chase, he just sits there and takes the abuse. 
  • Its about time for a hair cut when he wakes up with this hair:

And..........Carson has his 2nd Birthday coming up! I have debated a few different places, but I think we will just do something small at our house. Probably cook out and have a fun baby pool and sprinkler for the kids since it will be so hot outside. I have chosen a Yellow/School Bus theme. He just loves the color yellow and he still is obsessed with yellow buses. He remembers where the buses are parked on our route home every day. Before they are in sight he talks about them! This has turned out to be a super easy theme, thank goodness!

Here is the cake pic I sent to my MIL and SIL so they can make it for us, I can't wait for Carson to see all these plans on his party day!


The Sweet Life said...

I can't wait to have babies. I just love all things baby.

Hollyhand House said...

Good talking to you today! Carson is growing so fast!! I can't wait to see all the birthday party plans...I can't believe he is almost 2 and little Colin will be here!!

mary said...

how exciting you're in your 3rd trimester now!! that's when the real countdown begins!...the school bus theme is too cute!