Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Kitchen and Living room floors! And some other updates...

I couldn't wait until we were completely finished to post pictures (still need to put down the new molding strips and finish the laundry room), so here is a peek of what Cory has been up to the past week (he has done such an amazing job and it was hard work!):

Old LR floor:

Old Kitchen Floor:

 Kitchen entrance from the garage:

View from Dining room to kitchen:

View from Dining room to LR:

Hallway to boys' rooms and extra bathroom:

View of LR from Dining room:

View of LR from front door entrance:

We are so glad to be on the home stretch of this floor project! Cory will finish the molding and laundry room (I have a feeling we will be painting the laundry room walls) floor this weekend, and we will place another carpet order (we decided to do our bedroom now) this weekend to be installed on May 14th.

We now have a full name for our new baby boy:


-He will have the same initials as Cory and Carson.
-I am 25 weeks pregnant today! WHOA!
-I lost 2 pounds this week, that started my day off amazing! I am now +17 and not complaining at all!
-Had a check up yesterday, everything looks good. They gave me the glucose drink for when I go back in 3 weeks. Yuck.
-Heartrate was 141.
-Colin and Carson's rooms look so nice with the new carpet, I will post those pics later on, probably after we get our bedroom carpet done.

Apparently all I need to do to correct a problem is blog about it! Carson finally got his appetite back, and has been in a much better mood this week! I guess he is finally feeling better and being back to his regular schedule probably helps.


Rebecca said...

IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!! So excited for you to have your house back! I love home updates because it makes you feel like you have a new hosue without the hassle of moving! So glad everything checked out great too at your appointment! Our little ones will be here before we know it!

Hollyhand House said...

It looks SO good! Great job Cory!!

From Marriage To Motherhood said...

The floors look AWESOME!!!!! Big props to your husband; he did a 5 star, FANTASTIC job!!!!

Collin Alexander.... those names sound so cute together!...and so sweet that all the boys in your life will share the same initials! : )

Suzy said...

I'm so jealous! The floors look amazing!!!!

P.S. Love the new background!

Anonymous said...

WOW the new floors look amazing! You guys did such a great job! can't wait to see the nursery photos :)

mary said...

i love your new floors so pretty! doesn't it feel great to have projects while you're preggo, really helps the time fly!...and i love Colin's name btw flows so well!

Candace said...

Your floors look fabulous!!!

The newest pictures of you and Carson are just beautiful too - I hope you've picked one to frame!