Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Carson is 18 months!

Wow this might be my longest Carson post yet! He is a very busy little boy!

At 18 months, Carson…. 
  • Can feed himself with a spoon and fork, absolutely will not let us feed him unless we give him something from our plates.
  • He knows the letters B, O, R, I, and E. Not sure why he likes those so much!
  • He loves to color, and draw his own pictures, he likes for me to help him write his name.
  • He tells us when he makes a dirty diaper, and is showing many other signs of potty training readiness, so every night before his bath, he sits on his little potty and we read a couple of books.
  • When we change his diaper he likes to say “bye-bye pee-pee” or “bye-bye ewww” (ewww means poop). And he waves at his diaper. He says hey and bye-bye to everyone and everything. He likes to tell the bath water and bubbles bye-bye when they go down the drain. This morning I saw him cleaning up his crayons, and when he closed the box he waved and said bye-bye to the crayons. My heart melted.
  • He likes to brush his teeth especially when he sees us brushing ours.
  • He is a big helper, he thinks it is fun to help me unload the dishwasher, put clothes in the washing machine, wipe off the table, and generally clean up anything.
  • With all of the extremely cold weather we had in the past few weeks, his eczema was really bad, so we had to put lotion on him at night and in the morning….now he loves to put lotion on himself.
  • He constantly tests his boundaries, and it is SO hard not to laugh when he misbehaves.
  • He wakes up every morning around 5:30 or 6am, and drinks his milk then he wraps his arms around my neck and goes back to sleep with me…I wouldn’t trade that cuddle time for anything!
  • He will dance to ANY music…including the theme songs from Law and Order and NCIS.
  • He is obsessed with books and I am pretty sure the word “book” is his favorite. He loves the “k” sound.
  • About a month ago I taught him to say “please” instead if whining when he wanted something or wanted help. Now all I have to do is raise my eyebrows at him and he smiles and says “peeeze”.
  • He thinks that all music in general is titled E-I-E-I-O
  • He loves the show “Super Why” on PBS. That is really the only one that he will pay attention to for longer than 5 minutes, he is so cute when he repeats the letters that they ask him to. The others, he just likes the music.
  • He weighs about 23 pounds, and he is still in size 4 diapers, and is finally in 18 month clothes from head to toe. He recently moved up to a size 5 shoe.
  • He loves balls and he knows the difference between a basketball, baseball and a football.
  • I took him to the park a few days ago and of course his favorite thing was throwing dirt.
  • Has a mouth full of teeth, I am so in love with that precious smile!
  • He is very addicted to his passy…I dread the day we wean him from that, which we are going to put off a little longer. He should transition into the next room at daycare in a few months and none of those kids have passies. The class he is in now, all of the kids have passies, so I am not going to take his away yet, he won’t understand and it’s not fair.
  • He loves to make Chase (our dog) sit and shake hands for a treat. Every morning when Carson wakes up from our early morning nap, he hugs the dog who has moved into Daddy’s spot by that time.
  • I love when I pick him up from school, his teacher is always telling me how smart he is and what a good eater he is. Makes me so proud.
  • We still rock him to sleep every night, I keep saying we need to wean him from that…but it’s too hard. It feels so wrong to just put him in the crib without giving him the comfort he is so accustomed to. So I have decided to continue rocking him until he is just too big, or doesn’t want me to. Because one day….he is not going to want to cuddle with me or want me anywhere near him. I am going to soak up all the “baby” left in him that I can.

 Here are some recent phone pics of my little cutie:


The Sweet Life said...

He is so cute!

Holly said...

I really like reading posts about Carson, even if they are long. So keep posting, long and short. I hate that I can't see that little booger more often, but this helps. A lot. I love y'all very much!