Thursday, January 28, 2010

Need More time...

I usually try to head from work around 4:45 (and 5pm is my ABSOLUTE LATEST that I will stay - I will NOT let my baby be the last one picked up). And from then on, I feel like I am racing against the clock.

-I try my best to beat traffic if possible.
-Get Carson home and fed (bottle or solids whichever its time for)
-Get some play time and reading time in with him b/c I know he doesn't get special attention at daycare.
-Cory or I give him a bath, another bottle if needed and get him to bed.
-We assess the dinner situation for us in between all of this.
-Then we get him to sleep - then more work...wash bottles, dishes and laundry, and I MUST pick up the house before I go to bed (I never stopped nesting)

And somehow I am still suppose to be responsive to my blackberry during all of this (which is so hard b/c all I think about is Carson from the time I wake until...well it doesn't end, so when I am with him, work is far from my thoughts- Sorry Boss)

However, I wish there could be a way for me to have an adjusted schedule where I could leave at around 4pm to at least beat some traffic so I wouldn't be in such a rush when I got home everyday. I could get home at 5 instead of 6 and that would be wonderful since Carson gets sleepy and goes to bed around 7:30.

My boss has already done so much for me - I just can't work up the courage to ask. I would love to work part-time, but we need my Dental insurance. I don't think I would ever stop working altogether, I want my resume to be continuous, and I don't have the patience to be a SAHM (that was hard work for 3 months!), I am not creative, green, or I need the extra dough. :) Its all about the convenience w/ us!

So for now, another goal of mine is to work up the guts to ask the boss if I can work 8-4 instead of 9-5.


Candace said...

It is so hard to develop a stress free/non-rushed routine in the afternoon!

Good Luck!

Alison said...

Catch him on a good day, and you'll be fine :)

Your boss wants you to stick around, and I am guessing will bend over backwards to keep you as long as he can

Caroline said...

I'll be praying for you. Being a mom and wife are hard. Being a great mom & wife is nearly impossible!