Tuesday, February 2, 2010

6 months old! Now with pictures

My baby is 6 months old today! I can’t believe that it has been ½ of a year since he arrived, I wish I could go back to that day and re-live it!

-Carson discovered his tongue and sticks it out, especially while he makes the “ta” sound.

-Making more definite sounds such as da, ga, ta, ba, gi, ga and is getting louder by the day (Cory and I heard a Da-Da in the mix last night!)

-Rolls over A LOT

-Loves his Doggies and watches them play, and reaches for them

-Loves playing on his tummy

-He can pass his toys from hand to hand

-Loves rubbing his feet together and we can’t keep socks on him at all; he also likes to put his feet in his mouth!

-He is eating sweet potatoes, peas, bananas, and cereal (tried pears but they are not good for his reflux)

-Takes 7 oz of formula every 4 hours

-No longer eats during the night, last bottle is between 6 and 8pm then he eats around 6am.

-Does not sleep through the entire night, typically we have to go in there several times to put his passy back in, and some nights lately he just decides he wants to laugh, play and talk around 1 or 2am, really fun for Mom and Dad!
-We typially find him sleeping on his belly when we go check on him at night, I think he found a new sleeping position.

-Will not leave his pacifier alone! He is constantly taking it out and putting it back in (and actually puts it back in correctly)

-He is very ticklish ALL OVER

-Not sitting up quite yet
-I am unsure of how much he weighs, he has a Dr. Apt on 2/11 so we will see then. My guess is about 17 lbs.
-Eyes are staying blue! And hair is still blonde, it is getting SO long, we plan to get it cut soon.

-Toys he loves: Jumperoo, the remote control, Elmo, plush blocks (especially the one that makes the “paper crunch” sound, and anything he can get in his mouth)

-Clothes: Wearing 6 mo. Sizes

-I love that he sort-of hugs me when I pick him up, its so sweet.

-I love picking him up from Daycare, when he hears my voice and sees me in the afternoon he gets really excited and laughs like PeeWee Herman! Its hilarious!

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Hollyhand House said...

Happy 1/2 year birthday Carson!!!