Thursday, February 18, 2010


In honor of my new blog design (see quote on header) I wanted to post some pics that have taken my breath away and made me realize what is important in life. These are moments that I will never forget as long as I live. They are my "Happy Place" if you will. When I am depressed about money, my body, my work, my guilt...I can think of these moments and they make me feel better. (Cory if you are reading, I love you and Happy is a little trip down memory lane!)

In no particular order....

Ahhh to be young and kissing on a beach again :)

This is not the most flattering picture of me (sweaty, and my hair fell), but it is one of my favorites from our Wedding Day!
Our dogs had puppies 2 years ago, and we still miss them, they were so cute and sweet and such a joy to have around.

These are our 2 dogs, Chase and Charlie. This is how I used to find them in the mornings when I got out of the shower. We couldn't imagine life without these dogs, they brighten each day!

The view from our room on our honeymoon:

Carson's First Halloween:
Being pregnant was so wonderful (even though I complained constantly), I can't wait to do it again!

This little angel amazes us everyday, I can't believe how much he has grown.

I love seeing Carson yawn and stretch, I love this picture:

How cute is this:

His smile is SO contagious!

I love this picture, I love rubbing his nose to mine.

The first time I saw Carson's face:

Our first hour as a family in the recovery room, this picture is very special to me:

Thanks for viewing some of my All-Time favorite moments!


Anonymous said...

Wow I love your new blog design. Those photos are soooo sweet. and your honeymoon photo - omg where did you go? Gorgeous!

Living4Him said...

Pictures are my FAVORITE things. We are so blessed to have grown up in this time of tech when could take/keep so many.

They are all truly breathtaking!!!!