Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goals, Goals, Goals

One thing I did learn in college was that when you set goals, set attainable goals. Nothing sucks more than not reaching your goals. I know what I am capable of and this is why my goals are small :)

On a recent post here, I listed a few things to achieve and all 3 are done.

-New blog design (Thank you Leslie)

-labeling posts - doing good

-I have found a couple more baby boy blogs to read

New Goal List:

Get my hair done: This may sound stupid as a goal, but I don't really like doing anything that takes away time with my boys. I have VERY THICK hair and it takes almost 3 hours to get my hair cut, colored and styled. Also, I can't just go anywhere; there is only one place where I have established trust. I have been going to Toni and Guy for about 4 years. And everytime I attempt to find someone cheaper - they fail. So basically when I get my hair done, I am out roughly $160 and I won't get home until 8pm (I go after work b/c its close to work). But the reason I am making this a goal is b/c I look like a hobo at work and I believe it is important to look polished and professional. My hair is so LONG and THICK that I can't do anything with it at the moment besides a pony tail.

Family Portraits: My son is almost 7 months old and I have yet to have any family portraits done. SAD. I am going to regret this in the future. Again, I just never wanted to shell out that much $ for a fancy photographer. But now that he is sitting up I want to schedule someone in the spring to do some outside pics.

Drink more water: Seems easy right...not when you hate water! (As I sit here drinking a diet coke, off-brand of course)
Finally, SO pumped, we will begin a few home updates soon:
-Replace the siding on our house, and we will paint the siding a new color.
-Paint our master bathroom and get a new shower curtain. I was given a belated wedding present (some fancy towels) last weekend. So it inspired me to update my bathroom a bit. Cory also wants to paint our bedroom white, but I think that is pointless, its cream right now.


Candace said...

Hair is a HUGE deal when you have a baby. I finally got to go get my hair trimmed last week, and it was simply amazing!

Rebecca said...

Seriously cory....WHITE!!!! I hope you are not allowing this Kimberly! There is a park off suwanee dam road that is half way between us. We should meet this weekend if it is nice and we can let the babies swing! And i can take some pics!

Leannabanna said...

I am glad you stumbled upon my blog! It seems like we have a lot in common! Besides my Corey also being 30 - he works in the IT industry as well :) I look forward to reading your blog!

Living4Him said...

Congrats on the goals you have already accomplished. I suppose I should be thankful for stingy, thing hair!HaHa!

Good Luck on the new goals. I am doing a but of redefining goals myself. Perhaps I will post about it!

Thanks for this inspration!


Crystal said...

When you come visit this spring, we can go to The Botanical Gardens and do some pics of Carson. They would be beautiful!