Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A few goals...

I find my blog very boring (except for when I talk about Cory and Carson of course).

My goals are to:
-get a permanent design (reader friendly, I loathe those blogs that hurt my eyes!)
-find more blogs with babies that are close to Carson's age
-and to start labeling things so it will be more organized (I always forget)

Let's see if I can actually follow through :)

For now here is another cute food pic; he liked his peas (he was ready to get out of that chair though):


Candace said...

HAHAHAHA! He's is so cute with those facial expressions!

Courtney said...

so cute :)!! Henry isn't liking the peas too much, but I'm still giving them to him. Let me know if you find any more blogs around their ages! And I also need to change my blog theme too!