Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I feel a setback coming on in the sleep training. :(

He started to get really congested last night and couldn't sleep. We are now afraid to incline his mattress b/c he moves and rolls SO much, we just don't want him to get stuck in a bad position. So we put him in bed with us and just put a pillow under him and he slept great, OF COURSE!

I started him back on the nebulizer, suction and saline last night in an attempt to prevent ear infections or RSV, etc...Hopefully this is just a cold.

Happy Wednesday everyone, can't wait for Friday, mom is gonna watch Carson so Cory and I can go on a DATE - its been a WHILE!


Living4Him said...

Keep working at it! One day you will look back at this time and laugh! I PROMISE!


PS. I DO remember those bows!!!!

Carrie said...

I don't know if you know about these or not...they are called boogie wipes. They are moistened cloths to wipe baby's nose that are saturated in a saline solution. I use these all the time with Cade. They are amazing. I get mine at Walgreens and they are not expensive at all.

And they call it puppy love said...

I have heard of those wipes Carrie, many times - I need to go get some, they sound highly recommended! :) Thanks!