Saturday, January 2, 2010

5 Months

My baby is 5 months old today! He has changed so much this month.
-He is very active and wants to be independent :(
-Likes to sit in the corner of the couch and play
-He loves the bumbo, high chair, and and MAINLY the Jumperoo
-Does not like the swing and bouncy seat anymore
-He eats banana cereal from a spoon and still is a little unsure about it
-Takes 7 oz every 3 hours
-Sleeps 1/2 the night in his crib and the other 1/2 with mama and daddy
-He is very ticklish all over and laughs a lot
-Still loves the TV
-He talks a lot, his favorite word is Ahhhhhh, he now says the ba sound and I heard a da as well
-Loves to hold toys and put them in his mouth
-Still has a lot of blonde hair (its almost time for a CUT)
-Still has blue eyes
-Weighs about 14 lbs and is 25.5 inches long
-He has rolled over a few times but we still haven't witnessed it
-He is now aware of Chase and Charlie and watches them play
-Fits into size 2 diapers and 6 month clothing (can still squeeze into 3-6 mo)
This is his hair after a bath before we comb it

Sitting in the bumbo playing

First time in the high chair


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kimberly t. bowling said...

Awww...those pictures are so precious! Great facial expressions, and his smile just beams straight out from his eyes!!