Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting Better

He did pretty good last night as well, not as good as the night before, but still good compared to prior weeks. He went to bed at about 7:40 and I did a passy run at 8:30, Cory did one at 11, then he had a bottle at 2:30 (exactly at the 8-hour mark from his last pm bottle). Then at around 4 he cried for 2 seconds but must have either been dreaming or is starting to self soothe b/c by the time I got to his room, he was asleep.

He woke for good around 6 and talked to the pictures of farm animals on his crib bumper for about 45 minutes. Then when he was bored of that I went and got him and let him watch cartoons in my bed.

All in all, I feel we are making progress. I really don't mind at all going in his room 3 times per night; but the previous nights having to go in every hour or 2 was very frustrating. Constistency really is key, for about a week now we have consistently made him sleep in his crib from bedtime to 6AM, and I hope this sticks!

Honestly I really think the pillow cases helped, I am anxious to see if it worked for my new sleep training buddy Courtney. I really enjoy reading her blog, and her son Henry is about the same age as Carson. It is so nice to have another mother to compare notes with :) Hope your training is going well Courtney!


Courtney said...

YAY for Carson staying in his crib all night! It sounds like to me that he is definitely days away from sleeping the entire night! Maybe even tonight!

Okay here is my update! Didn't get to try the pillowcase trick last night, but I plan on doing it tonight. He woke at 2 AM as well, and I gave him as full of a feeding as he would take. Woke at 4 AM...gave him his paci and held my hand there for a minute or so. He was still awake when I left, but he went right back to sleep without fussing..YAY! He woke again close to 6, but that didn't go as well. I think he was running a fever so I gave him some tylenol. He finally did go back to sleep on his own but just for a few minutes. When he woke up, I just went in like it was morning time. And he was ready to get up for the day.
So considering we made it with only one night feeding (not including the dreamfeed before I went to sleep)....I'm excited about our progress. I wonder what tonight will bring??!! Hope it is a good night for both of us!

Elaine said...

Hey! Sounds like the sleeping routine is getting better. That sounds like exactly what I did with all 3 of mine. The only different thing was that I did a "dream feed" right before I went to bed. (I read it in some book - maybe The Baby Whisperer) Anyway, right before I went to bed, I would pick up my sleeping babies and feed them as much of a bottle as possible without waking them up. I was VERY strict about schedules with my little ones and this was the only bottle that didn't follow our strict schedule. Sometimes it was 2 hours from his last feeding, sometimes 3,4,etc. You get the point. The theory is that you can get a longer stretch of sleep. I usually fed mine the dream feed around 11:00. If they could go 8 hours without eating then they wouldn't need to eat until 7:00. Like I said earlier, how much they ate depended (usually) on how long it had been since the previous bottle. Anyway, just wanted to suggest the "dream feed" method. It really worked for us! Good luck! -- Elaine