Monday, January 11, 2010

Night #2

So last night, we did our 3 B's (bath, bottle, book) and rocking and we we were prepared to go in Carson's room 100 times after we put him to bed, we set up camp in the guest BR. Since its only a few steps away; which helps a lot in the middle of the night. However, to our surprise Carson slept from 8:30PM to 6AM. I went in for 2 passy inserts (1:30 and 4:40) and one breathing check b/c this was so unlike him (@ 5:30), I got really worried.

Ironically Cory and I slept like crap b/c we are getting old and only sleep well in our own bed, GO FIGURE! So tonight we will back in our bed and see if this was a fluke, which I am positive it was. Also I am not sure what made him sleep like this but for anyone who is willing to try anything: we put our used pillowcases under his fitted sheet so maybe our smells would soothe him. He was fussy yesterday b/c we didn't pick him up every time he wimpered, so he may have been more tired due to crying from not being spoiled. Thanks for the helpful comments, I will give some of those a try and report back.


Courtney said...

wow!! sounds like a great night! I hope tonight is just as wonderful. Great idea about the pillowcases...I will try that tonight!

Living4Him said...

Congrats Kimberly!

I am praying that it was NOT a fluke and that you will begin to see the fruits of your labor and you and Cory will be back to restful sleep soon:)

Today, Amanda Garner Cromer showed me some pics of when we were in the second grade and had our school play. Looking back that far was SO funny. I told her he had to let me borrow them when our class reunion rolls around. You made a lovely Red Riding Hood:)

Anyway...praying for the sleep traning!


And they call it puppy love said...

Hah, that is SO funny Alison! I would love to see those pics. I can't believe we will be having our reunion in a little over a year! WOW.